Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Unraveled Book Review

If you love reading romance novels, Unraveled is a must read for you. In this book, Lauren Dane has outdone herself creating a fantasy novel designed to ignite your imagination. The book describes an independent, free-spirited young lady by the character name Maybe Dolan who finds love in a hopeless place.
Maybe Dolan lived free and unattached from a tender age of 16years. This lifestyle seemed to suit her perfectly until an old crush became determined to tame her. Despite her spirited efforts to push him away, Alexsei Petrov was determined to win her over.
The book describes an epic tale of push and pull between two strong-willed souls. Reading the book, I was hooked from the first page to the last and followed the romance tale described. It starts off with Maybe Dolan resisting Alexsei advances and outlines how their love fully blossoms in the end.
Alexsei’s character depicts a strong will and determination at taming Maybe Dolan despite her fiery-free spirit. His nature is brave explaining his need to protect people. Alexei goes all the way out to win over Maybe Dolan’s love and affection. His intention is on having her in his life for good.
Being a mother of three and a coveted USA bestselling author, Lauren Dane has once again demonstrated her prowess in writing romance novels. Unraveled is a captivating story of love and romance brewed in a sexy vintage-styled barbershop and whiskey bar.

I have enjoyed reading every page of this book and would recommend it to anyone who fancies romance novels. The book is available on Amazon and other sites listed here Grab yourself a copy today.

You can also follow Lauren Dane for new books updates, notifications and more on Face book, Twitter and Instagram.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Reading with GenZ Publishing

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Assortment Gallery

Assortment gallery is an online store with a variety of vintage accessories at absolutely great prices. I love this store as their items are unique and authentic. From as low as $7 you can find beautiful jewelry for you and your loved ones. For those looking to buy gifts, I would recommend that you shop from Assortment Gallery.

They are running a sale on their best selling pieces which are phenomenal and at discounted prices. With Valentine’s day round the corner, Assortment Gallery has listed great items for gifts. If you are having trouble getting your loved one the perfect gift or you are simply looking to buy something nice for yourself, check out this store here. 

You can order online and track your shipment. Shopping at Assortment Gallery is most convenient. They are reliable and timely on delivery as well. I will be shopping again soon.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday Interview Time!

Hi All,
Happy Monday! Today, an interview with Aisha Jones. Enjoy!

1. How did you come up with the idea for the Haute Wheel web series?
The inspiration for this was Hot Wheel cars. I thought ,Hot Wheel – Haute Wheel, that is funny. Then I got the idea that should be a wheel that spins like on Wheel of Fortune or the Price is Right and the rest of the concept just developed on its own.

2. Do you believe Hi-Lo dressing is something everyone can do? Even people with limited budgets?
Absolutely. You don’t have to have everything in your wardrobe be designer, you just need a few pieces that you mix in with your regular clothes. And the Haute Wheel series shows you how to do that and how to get great deals on these designer pieces by shopping on ebay or at outlets or using certain websites and apps.

3. What was your first designer item?
I’m not really sure. I remember when I graduated from grad school my Aunt took me to the Dillard’s department store and bought me a $500 Coach purse. That was probably the most expensive thing I owned at the time.

4. Do you have a favorite designer?
Uuuugh. I hate this question I have way to many. I will say for gown my favorite is Elie Saab. Every time I see one of his gowns it is like I got shot with cupid’s arrow. It is an actual physical reaction I have to his designs.

5. What do you say to people who say they don’t have the time or patience for bargain shopping?
I completely understand. I have to be in the right frame of mind to bargain shop, so for those of you that never reach that frame of mind… don’t go bargain shopping.

6. What is your favorite episode of the Haute Wheel web series?
Episode 5, the one about membership sites and Gilt. I fell in love with the site. It was considered business research when I bought items off of there.

7. What is your best tip for scoring amazing deals on designer items?
You need to first believe you are the type of woman that can wear these type of clothes and own these type of pieces. This will open you to the possibility and you will start finding out that hey, some of this stuff I can afford.

8. Why should someone watch the Haute Wheel web series?
Even if you think you are not the type of woman that would wear designer clothing, just watch the series and do the scavenger hunt exercise. It is fun and I promise you it will open up a whole new world. It will be really funny when you start incorporating these pieces and people will think you got a raise or a new job, but really you just learned to shop smarter.

9. How can someone find this web series?
You can follow along on my YouTube channel or on my blog at

10. Who is this web series for?
This series is for women who want to learn how to dress better and shop smarter, but don’t know how to do it. Download the scavenger hunt and have fun and you’ll learn how to shop for these pieces.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Maggtag car phone mount

I absolutely love my new Maggtag car phone mount. It has made my driving experience a whole lot easier as I am able to operate my phone without taking my eyes off the road. For a price of $17.99, it has been the perfect accessory for my car and definitely worth every penny.

Maggtag has a good grip on my phone even without its casing. It can be mount anywhere on a flat surface making it the best phone holder. I no longer have to pull over to operate my phone or pick a call. I can confidently do this without compromising my family’s safety.

What’s more exciting about Maggtag is it easy to use and install and features an incredible design, compact and stylish. It makes a perfect gift for loved ones, one very affordable and thoughtful for every single driver.

I can’t wait to gift this to a few friends and family as I know they will share in my excitement. If you are having trouble operating your phone while driving, I highly recommend you get Maggtag for yourself and enjoy the convenience.

For more details, check out Maggtag specifications here.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 has a unique brand of t-shirts and merchandise, with art and quotes that reflect everyday life. Such as Faith, Family, Humor, Entrepreneurship, Health and Life. has a lot to offer. Whether you are shopping for yourself or shopping for gifts. There are plenty of options to choose from. Next time you find yourself browsing the World Wide Web, check out

Friday, January 12, 2018

New Magnetic Charger

I love this new magnetic fast charging cable. I always hate trying to delicately plug in my phone and worry about damaging the port. This makes it so easy to charge my phone. It also helps protect the port from dirt and elements because the magnetic connection always stays in. I love that it fast charges so I can be quick on the go again. If anything dies on my android phones first, it’s always the port, so I’m looking forward to saving money and hassle from having to switch to a new phone so often.

Get it here:

Interview with Author Daniel Frost

Daniel Frost was born in 1998 in New York City and now lives in Houston, Texas. He uses the science fiction genre to explore philosophical questions and the impact of technology on the improvement of human society. He has written dozens of science fiction short stories and has recently completed his first novel, The God AI. He is an award-winning artist, a National Merit Finalist, and a co-inventor of the Squaremino board game. His intellectual interests include math, science, economics, and history. Currently, he is a sophomore studying Mathematics at The University of Texas at Austin.

When did you start writing?
From a very young age, I wrote comic books and had an immense interest in creating stories. Ironically, my interest in writing comic books led my parents to think that I was interested in art. They enrolled me in a painting school, but I discovered that my true passion was writing fiction. In 2015, I began writing short stories every week as part of a homeschooling activity called “Creative Friday”, where I would write a science fiction story of about 1000-2000 words in length. I wrote dozens of stories, each of which portrayed a single “What if” question. In early 2017, I decided to take on a much bigger project by writing a novel. I wrote The God AI from early to mid-2017.

What inspired you to write The God Al?
I was inspired by a thought experiment called Roko’s Basilisk, in which a sufficiently powerful AI can punish people for eternity as retribution for resisting its will. This is the primary idea behind the story, but I was also inspired more generally by talk of the Singularity, a hypothetical time in the near future when AI would advance itself to the point that it was capable of becoming godlike and making humans immortal. I was excited and terrified to learn that many experts placed this date at around 2040-2050, a time I would likely live to see!
In the end, I chose to write about the idea of a godlike artificial intelligence because it was scary and exhilarating. It captured my imagination like no other sci-fi concept I had ever seen before. I knew that my first novel had to be about The God AI.

What do you hope readers get out of it?
I want to shatter people’s minds with the unfathomable potential of AI and its terrifying risks to humanity. The general theme of the novel is that technology will become an increasing threat to humanity as it becomes more and more advanced, until humanity’s very existence becomes uncertain. As the story unfolds, it unveils time and space to the reader on increasing scales. My story starts with one inventor in a garage and ends by examining how his actions change the destiny of the human race.

There is a free-day Kindle book promotion for The God AI on January 12th. Click here to get your free copy today.

Monday, January 8, 2018


If you are a fan of dark fantasy, Necromantica by Keith Blenman is a must read for you.

Just look at that gorgeous cover!

It brings many genres together (my favorite kind of book) 
The book describes an illicit love story between a sorcerer and a skilled assassin who find solace in each other fighting monsters and the holy king’s army. The duo set off on a suicide mission to rob the holy king before using their skills to fight for their survival. 
This book leaves you hooked till the end. You will want to read miltiple times to relive the epic dark fantasies described in it. Get it here.
Now when will part 2 be out?

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Thinking About Weightloss Surgery? Get the Facts From Someone Who's Already Done It

 I enjoyed reading this book, weight loss surgery is an option for some to shed off excess weight. However, despite its popularity, there is barely useful information for those about to go undergo this procedure to refer to. Maria had gastric sleeve procedure two years ago and had to do her own extensive research before the surgery to be better prepared for recovery. In her research, she identifies the pros and cons of weight loss surgical procedures, the recovery process, the different bariatric procedures and other useful information which she shares in her book titled Thinking About Weight loss Surgery? Get the Facts From Someone Who's Already Done It.
The book is available on Amazon US: Only $4.99! And in the UK.

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