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Wear White: Beige And Milkshake Collections

Why You Should Wear White Year Round

The old fashion rule of not wearing white after Labor Day is some archaic suggestion that doesn't even make sense. Wearing white doesn’t have to be restricted to a certain time of the year and shouldn’t. There’s no real evidence as to why white was frowned upon after summer’s last holiday, but some suggest that it might have originated because it’s the No. 1 color to wear if you want to stay cool. And since summer is over after Labor Day, there’s no need to wear it.

Another myth as to why the saying was created is that it was a sign of wealth back in the 1800s, and was based on snobbery. Wearing white in summer might have been a way for rich people to separate themselves from poorer individuals. If you were rich enough, you’d be able to escape the dirty city to wear white. Whatever its origins are, the truth is, you should be able to wear white whenever you please! Here are some reasons why:

  • Everyone Does It
Look at any fashion magazine and you’ll see celebrities and influencers wearing white well into the winter months. In fact, some designers swear by the clean crisp color for their winter designs. White clothes in winter just accentuate the season, especially when you use it for warmer clothes like coats and sweaters.

  • White Is Always Fashionable
You can never go wrong with wearing white! No matter what you’re wearing, white is always fashionable. It’s a pure color that literally goes with every other color in your closet, allowing you to mix and match your outfits a lot easier. You’ll be able to match white accessories, clothes or shoes with everything and anything since it’s a very versatile color.

  • Coco Chanel Wore White All Year Long
The style icon was known to wear her iconic white suits all year. So if she was able to do it, you should be, too!

  • Rules Are Meant To Be Broken
In fashion, there should be no rules! People should wear what makes them happy. If wearing white with everything makes them smile and feel good about themselves, then the “no white after Labor Day” rule needs to be broken. Fashion rules should only be suggestions, and not hard rules dictating what people can and can’t wear. Fashion is all about individuality and that should include wearing any color you please no matter the time of year! 

So if you love white, don’t feel as though you need to limit yourself from wearing your favorite color just because it’s winter. In fact, we love the color white and feel it should be worn every day if possible! For an All-white collection visit

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Amazon Prime - Coffee Unicorn Cute Holiday T-shirt

I know online shopping is a gamble. But, I recently ordered a cool t-shirt from Amazon and was surprised to get exactly what I ordered. I had heard of Amazon Prime but never really had the opportunity to experience its advantage.

My t-shirt seller is an Amazon Prime seller and true to expectation, I received my delivery within 38hours of placing my order.

This was delivered at my doorstep, well-packaged and in perfect condition. I am more than ecstatic to encourage others to buy from Amazon Prime Sellers. These are the real-deal sellers guarantying fast delivery and products in good condition. Amazon Prime is real!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Best Adult Onesie Pajamas

Want to be warm, cozy and super cute while binge watching Netflix on the couch? Then you definitely need to grab yourself a pair of ultra-cozy adult onesie pajamas.

Onesies for adults, also called Kigurumis, are all of the rage. They come in 100’s of different styles from cute hooded unicorn pajamas to one-piece raccoon pajamas, complete with ears and tail. 

So what are you waiting for? After an uncomfortable day at the office, you deserve to be this comfortable. Browse here for your favorite pair of adult onesie pajamas and before you know it you’ll be on the fast-train to cozy-ville.

Eco Conscious Clothing (ECC)

For the gal who advocates for less plastic in landfills, sustainable farming, and cleaner air we want to introduce you to the eco-friendly clothing and accessories at Eco Conscious Clothing (ECC).

Their product line includes eco-friendly reusable shopping bags, super cute graphic tees for women, and oh-so-cozy leggings for the eco-conscious girl on the go.

ECC meticulously sources only eco-friendly fabrics for their clothing line including hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, and rPet - a revolutionary fabric made from post-consumer plastic bottles.

Take reduce, reuse, recycle to new levels with ECC’s line of eco-friendly clothing and bags. Saving the environment never looked so trendy.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

B&P Roofing, Expert Roofing Service Providers

B&P Roofing has been providing expert roofing services since 2007. As GAF Master Elite Certified Experts, we:

  • Fix leaks, cracked or curled shingles
  • Blistered or peeling paint
  • Stains, mold, and mildew on the ceiling
  • Install new roofing and clean out vegetation on rooftops

At B&P Roofing, we recommend timberline architectural shingles. These have advanced protection technology, are energy efficient, available in a variety of colors and guarantee 50 years of protection. We use these on our clients’ roofs and have had nothing but the best outcome.

Our experience, expertise, and choice of good quality materials guarantee an excellently-done job on all the roofing tasks we take. Get in touch with us today for expert services on your roof.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Interview Session With Justin Derby

Q: It's such a pleasure to interview you on my blog, Justin. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?
A: Well, I am a Christian video content creator, a blogger and Vlogger, and a self-taught Christian apologist. I used to say to people that I was a YouTuber, but YouTube has joined forces with the mainstream media corporations in censoring people with wrongthink, so I now identify myself as a BitChuter. I run an online video ministry called Truth: The Objective Reality, which I originally started as a blog on Blogspot back in 2013. Over the years since, TTOR has gone from being a blog to being a YouTube channel, to be all over the Alt Tech internet platforms. At TTOR, I am dedicated to proving that the Biblical worldview is 100 percent accurate and correct as written in the Bible, and I am also dedicated to debunking all other worldviews that stand in opposition to the knowledge of Christ.

Q: What is your concept of God? Do you view him positively or negatively?
A: My concept of God is not my own; it's the concept that is laid out by a straightforward and contextual reading of the Bible. God is a triune being who is eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing, present everywhere, and whose love, mercy, and justice is perfect. God created the universe, the earth, the sea, and everything that is in those things over the course of six ordinary days a little over 6,000 years ago. The second person of this triune God, The Son, came to this planet as a human being called Jesus of Nazareth about 2,000 years ago, and a plethora of historical documentation about Jesus; life on this planet back in the first century is available to us today, with the biggest sources of information on Jesus's life being the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John that are in the New Testament.

Q: How do you think someone becomes a Christian?
A: In John 10:14-15, Jesus made it clear that his followers know him and he knows his followers in the same way that Jesus knows God the Father and that God the Father knows Jesus. Since the context of the New Testament makes it clear that Jesus the Son and God the Father have close, intimate, and personal relationship with each other, what Jesus is saying in John 10:14-15 is that he has a close, intimate, and personal relationship with each of his followers. Jesus also makes it clear in Matthew 7:21-23 that not everyone who claims to be a follower of him has a personal relationship with him, and those who don't have a personal relationship with him will not get to spend eternity with him. In short, the way to become a true Christian is that you have to humble yourself, bow your knee in submission to Jesus, and enter into a personal relationship with him.

Q: In today's world, people invest time and energy into developing their careers and often neglect the spiritual dimension of their lives. How do you actively pursue spiritual growth?
In order to be able to defend the truthfulness of the Biblical worldview from all-oncomers, I not only have to investigate the materials that attack the Biblical worldview, but I also have to read the Bible all the time in order to understand what it's saying. When you study the Bible and you learn what it really teaches, you learn more about the Creator and how he thinks and operates, which in turn deepens the relationship you have with him. I am not a role model by any means, but I am someone who wants to know my Creator, and I want to know him on his terms.

Q: Why is there so much evil and suffering in this world?
A: There is so much evil and suffering in the world because 6,000 years ago, the first two humans, with the influence of Satan, rebelled against God and his word, and this introduced suffering, death, disease, and sin into this world. There are a lot of people out there who wonder why God allows evil and suffering to go on, and why he doesn't just put an end to all the evil and suffering in the world. While I cannot speak to anyone's individual circumstances, God makes it clear in 2 Peter 3:3-10 that the reason he hasn't ended evil and suffering in general yet is because he doesn't want anyone to perish, and he is giving everyone a chance to repent before the time for God to judge and destroy the ungodly comes.

Q: If you were to die tonight are you sure you'd go to heaven? Has anyone ever explained how you can know for sure?
A: Passages like Matthew 7:21-23 should keep Christians humble and cause them to examine their relationship with Jesus from time to time, but I acknowledge that Jesus is my Creator and my savior and I pursue a relationship with Jesus every day even though I don't always succeed in living up to the standard that Jesus has laid out for his followers. I also believe passages like 1 John 2:1-2, which says that if Christians do sin, Jesus will be our advocate with the Father. Passages like that make me feel comfortable in saying that I am saved.

Q: Where can my readers follow you and read your viewpoints online?
A: There are multiple ways to follow me: If you want to watch the videos that I put out for TTOR, you can watch those on the TTOR BitChute channel. If you want to keep up with TTOR news and updates, you can follow me on Gab, or you can subscribe to the TTOR Minds channel. You can also follow my blog at

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Starz True Wireless Headset

Are you looking for a wireless headset?

With your Starz True Wireless Headset, you can listen to music, make or receive calls, watch your movie or cool videos at ease. Without the usual wires connecting the headset to your device, you can comfortably move around while connected to your devices.

Starz True wireless is designed to ensure a fantastic experience. It features:

  • A small and comfortable earpiece size
  • Hands-free Bluetooth connection to devices.
  • Unique energy-saving innovations intended to give you excellent performance and battery life for longer. 
  • Reliable performance compared to other headset brands; It masks background noise
  • It is easy to use and maintain.

Experience, comfort, convenience, and style with the new Starz True Wireless Headset. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Curvy Cookie For All The Plus Size Curvalicous Divas

For my plus size curvalicous divas who don’t want to break the bank but want to look good. Check out the curvey cookie a plus size beauty and fashion blogger who’s making her mark by taking a bite out of fashion with the looks for less.

If you want the looks for less in the latest fashion trends from popular stores, follow the curvey cookie.

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