Saturday, March 30, 2019

Going to California Morissa Schwartz one take cover

Going to California Morissa Schwartz one take cover Yesterday, I was speaking with a grown man about music. When I mentioned Led Zeppelin, he said, “oh yeah, I think I’ve heard some of HIS songs.” So for everyone out there who thinks Zeppelin is just a guy who sang the song in the Entourage finale...this one is for you

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Online Learning Catching Up in English Testing

Online learning platforms have shaken up the education industry. Be it the primary education sector, university education or tertiary education people have finally woken up to the benefits of learning online. This is now also seen in areas like preparing for the PTE Academic,  where a few companies have brought English language proficiency test preparation to the comfort of your bedroom.

But comfort is not the only reason why this is catching up. There are many reasons why online learning is now the preferred option for thousands of students each year.

According to Alice Smith, student coordinator of Sure Way English, a PTE Academic prep provider, the biggest reason why people prefer to learn online is that online platforms are able to provide the best instructors which most local coaching centers cannot afford. Due to the scale provided by Internet students can learn from absolutely the best teachers in the world.

The other main reason behind the popularity of online courses for PTE is the affordability. Most of the students who prepare for these exams are students who want to get their visa or people looking to migrate to another country. These people are almost always short of money. Therefore for them getting tutoring which otherwise would cost a thousand dollars in just a couple of hundred dollars is a big thing.

Flexibility is another big plus. The online courses do not require the students to change their schedules. They can learn after work, before work or during the lunch break. They don’t need to take a day off from work which is a big thing for many people.

Online platforms come with interactive learning tools, quiz software and much more. This makes learning much more fun for everyone. And as they say, when you have fun you learn better, you do better.

Observing the present trends it is certain that the popularity of online teaching services will keep on increasing.

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Monday, March 11, 2019

NoteCast by EX - IQ

Podcasts are wonderful sources of information. However, single episodes can go anywhere from thirty minutes to four hours. Listeners who want to highlight certain sections of audio in a podcast, just as they would highlight certain sections of text in a book, don’t have the ability to do so. That is, until now.

NoteCast uses voice and touch control to transcribe audio content into text for reference and review. Retaining what you’ve learned or investigating something that interested you in a podcast is as easy as bookmarking text!

Information ought to be accessible across all mediums. NoteCast is here to make that happen. Happy listening!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

AZIMUTH: Ride the Winds by Tyto Games

Tyto Games is bringing kids back to the table.

AZIMUTH: Ride the Winds by Tyto Games streamlines gameplay and introduces an intriguing mechanism with a few simple rules thus bridging the gap between the generation who created technology and the generation using it.

Tyto Games unique top quality INGEN series designs give you the right tools for a real uninhibited quality fun time with friends or family. You’ll use your head and develop strategic thought processes that will guide you to the lighthouse and have you prevail in both play and life.

Keep it alive and fun and everyone is a winner!

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