Inside the Notebook

So my neon green notebook is a REAL 100 page notebook that I bring EVERYWHERE with me.  I jot down notes about things I read, great quotes I hear, thoughts, and make lists about everything from favorite comedians to awesome overlooked things in life.

I also like to collect images.  I clip photos from magazines, newspapers...pamphlets...anything really is long as it's really visually appealing and tells a story. And I put my own old scrapbook photos and drawings in along with the doodles I am constantly making. I turn them into collages that tell stories and remind me of many stories I've read or memories I've had. 

Some people call these sorts of journals "commonplace journals."  That sounds too serious to me, at least for my notebook.  I poke fun at nearly everything in there.  It's all about laughing and enjoying what's within the pages while still being connected with beauty and creativity in the world.  They are not mutually exclusive.  It's all about finding the fun in the world around us.

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