Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sensitive Skin

Little known fact: I've had sensitive skin and allergies my whole life so finding a cleanser can be challenging. That's why when I find a cleanser that works and doesn't irritate my skin, I am a happy camper! A big thank you to my friends at #PriMiracle.

GenZ Podcast with Patricia Smith

The latest episode of the GenZ Podcast is out! Featuring Safe2Meet Founder and CEO, Patricia Smith! Listen NOW!

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The GenZ Interview with Patricia Smith, CEO of Safe2Meet

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with an amazing entrepreneur,  Patricia Smith, CEO and founder of Safe2Meet on the GenZ Podcast.

Listen to the GenZ Podcast Episode here.

Here is our first interview:

  • Tell me about your career path and what led you to start an online business.

[PAS] I have been a technology professional for the last 25 years. Over the last 3-4 years I’ve been running a web development and digital marketing company called Online Media Interactive. A colleague and I came up with the idea for Safe2Meet a couple of years ago and have been developing it ever since.

  • ·    How will Safe2Meet change the way we interact online?
[PAS] We’re very excited about Safe2Meet, because we believe we will be building a community of trusted users who will feel more confident about conducting online and offline transactions and interactions with strangers as a result of being verified on our platform. Please see our website and Facebook page for more information:

  • ·    What would you say to aspiring entrepreneurs?
[PAS] You’re living in an AMAZING age! Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams, don’t be afraid to fail, and more than anything, don’t be afraid to look for all the help and resources that are out there to help you succeed!

  • ·    What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
[PAS] Hands down – go out and build the team you need to be successful.

  • ·   Fun questions:
o   Favorite TV show: Scandal – no contest.
o   Favorite movie: Currently, Edge of Tomorrow. I’ve seen it about 100 times.

o   Favorite musician: Prince. True before he died, true now.

Learn more about Patricia Smith, CEO and founder of Safe2Meet.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

B-Fest Teen Book Festival

Join us June 10 through 12 at Barnes & Noble stores nationwide for B-Fest, our first Teen Book Festival. On Sunday, June 12 teen author Morissa Schwartz will be discussing and signing her book Writing for the Next Generation and afterward will be participating in our story development workshop at 2:00PM

Fiverr Feature

Read about the journey from freelancing college student to GenZ founder here.DSC_2896

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Neon Green Music

I think the world needs more neon green music. We have The Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine,' Eiffel 65 with 'Blue,' Taylor Swift with 'Red'...
Where's the neon green music?


Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you...

I love that quote. It could not be more true, without life's adventures, what is life?

And that's why I love what my friends at RedCrox are doing so much...
RedCrox is a startup company (you know how I love my startups) based in Paris (Ooh la la), Berlin and Prague. They are ready to launching their global expansion to the US. They are big fans of creativity (see why I love them yet?) 
Their platform RedCrox.com brings a new revolutanary way of shopping and an experience they call 'shop & play.' Two of my favorite things...who doesn't love to shop AND play? They are the first to bring the 'playful' concept of 100% CashBack. 
So you can see, they are a very unusual startup, They have over 200 successful project and many brands behind them. Talk about a super company! They are expected to have over a million users after this summer's olympics! Wow!

Now a word from RedCrox's CEO and founder, Stephen Flanagan "100% CashBack idea came at the time when my wife was at home with our two kids. There were hundreds of receipts at home, in the office, everywhere. Occurred to me that the receipts are just what connects us, all shoppers and they could be a very powerful tool. I have created a model, a synergetic mix of betting alternative and receipt lottery by eliminating the risk and randomnesses. Unlike the lotteries, RedCrox model is not rendom based . The user is an active participant in the process , chooses his strategy according to his knowledge and sports interests . Nor it is a classic sportsbook , because it completely eliminates the risk of loss and it is free of charge. RedCrox.com today has more than 300,000 users , 600 business partners from 11 countries and operates in seven languages. Our objective is a global product which reaches to every point of the World and into every wallet. ..at least in terms of receipts in them. "  

Monday, May 23, 2016

I love love love these USBs from my friends at #USBFlashdrive . They are so awesome. Sleek, nice color, and they work perfectly. So excited about these.

About Green

I am a big fan of green. Neon green to be exact. (As you may be able to tell from the title of this blog). The amazing thing is (and here's a fact from my notebook for all you kids) that the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color. Talk about a win-win for green and green fans. Go green!

Now a word from my friend, Carol. Carol is a tutor who is ready to help YOU! She is so smart and an expert in her field, so definitely check out her services...
"Time is slipping away! Sessions are filling up! Don't wait too long to register! Private tutoring in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas for students of all ages and all grades from K-12. In-home and online tutoring that offers flexible scheduling and your choice of location. Help is a click away!"

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Interview with Phyllis Hughes

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Phyllis Hughes, who owns girlygurls.net, an online women's boutique which sells organic body wash, lotion, 100% Soy Candles, and her own perfume line called Resilience by PEH.

It amazes me that only a decade ago, owning a business online was still a relatively new concept. What led you start an online business?
Phyllis: I was led to starting an online business after doing over a year's worth of research and finding out that they can be just as successful as running a storefront. Also, things are constantly changing and online shopping is becoming popular in terms of shopping. It is also convenient on so many levels! 

You clearly are a fan of fashion. Is that what led you to open this online boutique? How does that influence your business? 
Phyllis: Yes, I'm definitely a fan of fashion, but more importantly I'm a bigger fan of health and wellness. The biggest influential aspect of my business is that I get to educate women and girls on healthy skin products in addition to promoting a clean environment with my 100% Soy Candles. I then go a step farther and introduce them to my very own perfume called Resilience by PEH that has a soft, sensual and natural floral smell.

What is your personal philosophy on being a successful entrepreneur? 
Phyllis: My philosophy on being a successful entrepreneur is to put GOD first. After that everything else will fall in place. We must dream it, believe it and achieve!! I'm living proof!! 

Thanks for inspiring entrepreneurs everywhere, Phyllis!

Saving Money

Bills. Student debt. More bills. Life's great responsibilities that we all have to deal with. That's why saving is so important.

I'm always looking for tips on saving and being smart with my money, and I think the geniuses at Inky Money are onto something with this article  9 Steps To Spend More Money And Go Out In A Blaze Of Glory.

9 Steps To Spend More Money And Go Out In A Blaze Of Glory

OK, so it's a deeply satirical article, but that's why I love it. So many of those 'money saving' tip articles simplify these aspects of saving and debt in a way that doesn't make practical sense. At least this article acknowledges and gives us a good laugh about it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Monday, May 16, 2016

A Word about GenZ from Adrian DeBarros

My publisher has treated me like a million bucks in continual royalties.  I love my publisher, GenZ, well for one, they believed in me and for another, Morissa Schwartz – wholly cow, I thought I had my fingers in a lot of projects, she has her fingers and toes dipped in inspirational projects, as well as bringing more talented authors to the GenZ family!  She believes in each and every one of us, she is in constant motion, just look at her instagram feed or twitter feed, she’s feeding the world inspiration daily like the world is inspirationally malnourished.

Morissa Schwartz continues to be a huge motivational figure in my life and others around the world.  I wanted to take my time out and tell the world, the hard and inspirational work she does behind the scenes.  I also wanted to keep this post short so you can check out her out and all her awesomeness including the team at GenZ publishing.  I am forever grateful to have met her friendly, inspirational soul and fierce determination.

Moreover, what publisher do you know of who places their authors faces on a t-shirt?

This is my simple gratitude post about my publisher GenZ.  Now please go check out how they’re changing the world as a publisher:  http://ift.tt/27u2mtK
Adrian Debarros is author of “A Poet and his Errant Pen.”

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

TV Graduations

What is your favorite TV graduation? Check out this NEW list of the top TV graduations by EW Community Contributors. Read the full list of top TV Graduations on EW’s Community.

“There were a couple of graduations on Greek, but season 4’s ceremony is the one that will always stick with me. Casey graduates along with the most of the other bigs at Cyprus-Rhodes University, and we are all left wondering how Rusty will deal without his big sis. I saw this show when I was still a high school student myself, and it prepared me for what college life would be like … or so I thought. Their graduation reminded me that it was almost my turn to start the college journey that I had just seen them finish.” —Morissa Schwartz

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Superhero Stuff

With the whole world enjoying superhero fever, take a moment to appreciate the finer things in life.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

GenZ Publishing Feature on AMBMagazine.com

“GenZ Publishing Is Releasing Some Of The Best Books Of The Year!
As you may know, GenZ was launched by bestselling author, singer (you know her from MTV!), and ‘Voice of the New Generation,’ Morissa Schwartz, who wanted to start a publishing company devoted to discovering and publishing new, exciting, and innovative writers. So that’s what GenZ does. They just keep releasing awesome books and have a lot more coming soon!
So definitely check out GenZ’s website at GenZPublishing.org (There are a lot of awesome books on there that you’ll love) and find more cool stuff on Morissa’s website at MorissaSchwartz.com.”

The Future of Innovation

I am constantly astounded at the amazing advancements in technology and by the fact that this is still only the beginning. It is such an exciting time to be alive!

That is why I really admire the folks at Appy Buildera platform that allows anyone at any age to design and build Android mobile apps, even with no coding skills. Platforms like this are amazing steps in the right direction for the future of creating new tech. 

Check out Appy Builder's Facebook and watch this video on what they do:

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Gig Economy

I've released a new eBook about the Gig Economy!

This is your guide to the gig economy: what it is, how it is revolutionizing work, what its future looks like, and what this can mean for you and your personal financial success.
The gig economy encompasses individuals performing freelancing ‘gigs,’ normally from the comfort of their own homes. Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork are among the most popular places for freelancers to find work; although, there are new freelancing opportunities every day. These types of gigs are giving people the freedom to work for themselves at any time and place that they please, as opposed to the traditional 9-5 model of office work. How will the gig economy affect the future of employment and entreprenseurship?

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Brad Green on the GenZ Podcast

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