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An Interview With Saadia Khan, Host of The Alien Chronicles Podcast

1.Hi Saadia! It's a pleasure to interview you on my blog. Can you please tell us about yourself and what it is that you do?

I moved to the US over a decade ago. Since I have moved here I lived in three different cities; Boston, Denver, and New York.

During my initial years in the US I focused on raising my girls and doing community and interfaith work. I also worked as a research consultant/interpreter for Human Rights First.

In 2014, I decided to go back to graduate school. I graduated from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences with an MA in Human Rights with a focus on women’s rights.

After graduating from Columbia University, I worked as a Policy Specialist at the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP), a civil society organization working on advocacy for women across different regions. My regional focus was South Asia and the Middle East.  I have worked extensively with UN entities including UN Women.

I like to travel and hike. I am an avid Podcast listener! I consider myself an intersectional feminist.

I recently created and launched my Podcast called "The Alien Chronicles". Now I work full time on my Pod and also host the show myself.

2. I listened to episode #4 of your podcast, The Alien Chronicles, and found it to be really informative, especially for the immigrants. What is the inspiration behind The Alien Chronicles?

The Alien Chronicles is a 30-45-minute long weekly podcast that will focus on people's’ journeys to America, specifically in NYC and surrounding areas. Every week the podcast invites people who are unique in their own right, global citizens of sorts. People who have come to call America home, whether from Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America all different age groups; who carry the legacy of their ancestors while being as American as can be. Guests talk food, cultural norms, politics etc. in the context of different cultures and ethnicities. Our goal is to create empathy for “the other” through relatable narratives. In the current climate of polarization and divisiveness, I decided to launch a podcast that focuses on celebrating representation and inclusion in America. The Alien Chronicles is a diverse space where we talk about our similarities but also value our differences. 

3. Where can my readers find you and your podcast online?

The Podcast is available on a number of Platforms including Anchor, iTunes, Spotify, Breaker, Podbean, Google Podcasts, Radio Public and Stitcher. You can look it up under “The Alien Chronicles”. You can also follow us on Twitter, our twitter handle is @ChroniclesAlien and you can find us on Instagram @thealienchronicles. Our Podcast is supposed to be interactive, so if you have a story to tell and would like to be featured on our Pod, you can reach us at And if you like what you hear, please share it with like-minded people and subscribe to it. We need your support to grow our listeners.

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ReconBob: Improve Your Amazon Shopping Experience

Shopping on Amazon can be a nightmare. Long shipping delays, unscrupulous and deceitful sellers plus substandard merchandise are some of the issues Amazon shoppers face today. Amazon reviews on their own do not provide a clear picture of consumer experience with sellers.

ReconBob was designed to provide full transparency on customer reviews with sellers. While shopping, you will be able to see Amazon reviews, ReconBob approval on the seller before making that purchase. Take time to check beyond the few 5-star reviews Amazon shows on sellers.

Add their Chrome extension NOW to sift through the reviews with the help of ReconBob for full transparency before placing that order.

Hip-Hop on the Rocks Game

Are you a hip-hop fan? Do you know what your favorite artists are up to? Can you quote the lyrics of your favorite songs? How about playing a game to gauge how deep your love for hip-hop goes. HHOTR, (hip-hop on the rocks) is an exciting new game available as a mobile application for iPhone and Android users.

The game is centered around hip-hop with exciting challenges based on the legendary hip-hop artists. The goal of the game is to win every challenge and be the first to gather all letters of the word, ‘HIP-HOP’. You can play as individuals or in teams with challenges including questions on lyrics, collaborations, what your artists do and even popular dance styles.

To learn more on the game, visit their website on In the meantime, download the game form play store or app store.

Togbook, an Exciting New Way to Socialize

A good way to stay connected with friends and acquaintances is through social media. However, your privacy should remain protected. Unlike other social media applications, Togbok allows you to make friends and stay connected without compromising your privacy.

You do not need to provide personal details to sign up. The App is free of any advertisement meaning when are logged in you will only see what your friends posted without scrolling through boring advertisements.

Togbok also has an extra feature allowing job seekers and potential employers to connect. For a minimal fee for both job seekers and employees, you can use the feature to find your dream job or smart employees.

To learn more about this amazing new social app, visit their website:

Interview with Mariu, the founder of 'Magna Moments'

Hi Mariu! It's a pleasure to interview you on my blog. Can you please tell us who you are and what you do?

Hi Morissa! I am an Eastern European entrepreneur mostly focused on artsy technologically updated projects.

Our actual invention came when I was asked by one of my clients to invent a cheap yet original and beautiful gift for Women’s Day.

I came up with an idea to add to a beautiful greeting card an ebook with love poetry. It was a success. I decided to try the product in the USA with 7 billion greeting cards market (surprisingly nobody patented this easy way to add content to greeting and gift cards. So I did it.). Our launch at books of America was very successful, plus we got an investment from an NYC venture investments company so here I am with a lot of beautifully crafted greeting cards (with very talented painters on our team) with music, movies, audiobooks and ebooks on them. The only thing you need to do is to scan the code inside of the greeting card with your smartphone’s camera and enjoy the content. Of course, after that send this beautiful card to a friend or family member. It was made not only for you

I have always wondered why people ask gift card companies that send a gift card with a price tag on is 'Magna Moments' any different?

Well, our prices are standard $6.90 for ready printed greeting/gift cards and $9.90 for personalized versions. You can add your text greeting, choose the content, design or you CAN UPLOAD YOUR OWN GREETING VIDEO.

Your video greeting would be attached as a second QR code printed and sent to the recipient's address.

Check it out on our website:

We also offer VIP Personalisation: Our Painters will make a funny portrait for the person you want.  This offer is limited, not more than 10 per month and will cost you $500 (plus the content in case it is not from our library).

If you want a “Gold” card for a “Golden” friend or partner drop us an email at with subject 'VIP Personalisation'.

Being an author and a singer I have always wanted to send books/songs from my online collection to my friends and family. How can I do that with Magna Moments?

During Books of America exhibition, many authors were asking us about a self-publishing tool using our patent pending know how. Obviously, it is far cheaper than a printed book and it is an option as a physical carrier since the CD’S and Dvd are dead.

It is a new way of artists content monetization, and it’s material/visual.

We are working on an automatical self-publishing tool (we can do it right now at your request as well). We also provide blockchain IP protection so only one user will be able to scan and see your content. We’ll host your content as well.

Christmas is at the door and I have a special offer for your readers:

A pack of 20 greeting cards with ebooks included each at only $3.90 (original price $6.90) offer valid only until 11/25/18

20 will be enough for your friends, family, cousins, teachers…see you don't want to forget anyone. Be kind on Christmas!

I am sure that our designs will make them laugh or will touch them...

Here are two short explanatory videos in case some of your readers still have any questions:

Merry Christmas to you and to all your readers. Let’s make together America read again!

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Pure Premium Products

Get ready to completely transform your body and fundamentally change the way you think about health and nutrition while getting back youthful energy, increased health, weight loss and FEEL ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!

Purium products are superior in quality, using only the finest natural ingredients, organically grown with no chemicals ever and completely free of pesticides. Whether it be weight loss, athletic performance or body cleansing, Purium provides a comprehensive variety of products tailored to your specific health goals.

Our products have been proven to be successful and are all backed with a 60-day guarantee. Check out the link below to discover how you can be your best!

Save $50 off your first order NOW!!

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Modere Weekend Give Away

Weight management is one the lifestyle struggles today. With all the various fast food joints readily available, it is becoming increasingly difficult to observe healthy eating habits. The most important thing about staying healthy is having the right body weight and fat.

However, this is not easily achievable. The everyday activities make exercising and preparing healthy homemade meals only a luxury afforded when there is time. However, with Modere Products, you can supplement your body’s health needs.
To learn more on this, do check out our shop. We have a ‘weekend Giveaway’ as well as $10 off on all products for first-time buyers. Use the code 1695641 to connect with us and enjoy this amazing deal.

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The Best Part of Lep's World...The Ads!

The Best Part of Lep's World...The Ads! While streaming myself playing Lep's World I realized something...the only thing better than this Mario Brother's Knockoff is the ads. They are so entertaining in and of themselves! Thank you so much for watching! Be sure to leave a comment down below in the comment section letting us know what you think about the video and like and subscribe for more! Check out my website: As always follow me on my social medias below: Twitter: Instagram: Google Plus: See you next time!

Customize Your Mac Like A Genius With These Creative Brainstorming Tips

Does your Mac look the same as all the others out there? Don't you want it to show your interests, express your opinions on an issue or a cause you care about?

If your answer is yes and you want to get started on brainstorming or sketching your imagination, you need to check out this great blog post by Custom Vinyl Graphics that provides a detailed step-by-step guide on brainstorming to get your creative juices flowing.

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Team91Titans; 3 Times National Lacrosse Champions at Age 13

At the age 13, Team91Titans are three-times national lacrosse champions in Florida. The team is comprised of 2024 grade players and a few 2023 grade players under the mentorship of Parkland FL Travel Lacrosse Program. The program led by directors and coaches Michael Evans, Jamie vans, and Natalie Gregorek mentors young talented lacrosse players across Florida and New York helping them achieve excellence in their game to prepare for Division 1 college recruitment.

Unlike other teams, Team91Titans believes in training. They train as individuals on personal fitness and as a team and also train with some of the current MLL players. This has been made possible by the existing relationship between the Parkland FL Travel Lacrosse Program and the MLL players.
Parkland FL Travel Lacrosse Program prepares players psychology first before getting them on the field. Through the programs, they are taught critical life skills such as earning their comfort in life, dealing with the ups and downs in life as well as other challenges and how to be persistent and dedicated in their endeavors.

When children and teenagers have an empowered mindset, they can conquer every hurdle in their life. That is what the Parkland FL Travel Lacrosse Program is all about and the fact that Team91Titans are three-time national champions at a tender age of 13 is proof that the program works.

Completing Croc's World - The Most Anticlimactic Video Game Ending EVER

Completing Croc's World - The Most Anticlimactic Video Game Ending EVER Soooo I finished Croc's World....aaaaand nothing happened. Catch my next gaming adventure live on Twitch at Thank you so much for watching! Be sure to leave a comment down below in the comment section letting us know what you think about the video and like and subscribe for more! Check out my website: As always follow me on my social medias below: Twitter: Instagram: Google Plus: See you next time!

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Health Match USA

Health Match USA is an easy way to find high quality and affordable Health Insurance. We offer plans all over the United States and we make finding health insurance simple.

START FOR FREE -- Go visit and fill out your information to get a FREE QUOTE for health insurance. The open enrollment period has just begun so this will be a quick way to find the right plan for you.

Once again go visit HealthMatchUSA.Com and fill out your info for free and then you will be matched to a licensed health insurance agent.

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