Thursday, November 22, 2018

Interview with Mariu, the founder of 'Magna Moments'

Hi Mariu! It's a pleasure to interview you on my blog. Can you please tell us who you are and what you do?

Hi Morissa! I am an Eastern European entrepreneur mostly focused on artsy technologically updated projects.

Our actual invention came when I was asked by one of my clients to invent a cheap yet original and beautiful gift for Women’s Day.

I came up with an idea to add to a beautiful greeting card an ebook with love poetry. It was a success. I decided to try the product in the USA with 7 billion greeting cards market (surprisingly nobody patented this easy way to add content to greeting and gift cards. So I did it.). Our launch at books of America was very successful, plus we got an investment from an NYC venture investments company so here I am with a lot of beautifully crafted greeting cards (with very talented painters on our team) with music, movies, audiobooks and ebooks on them. The only thing you need to do is to scan the code inside of the greeting card with your smartphone’s camera and enjoy the content. Of course, after that send this beautiful card to a friend or family member. It was made not only for you

I have always wondered why people ask gift card companies that send a gift card with a price tag on is 'Magna Moments' any different?

Well, our prices are standard $6.90 for ready printed greeting/gift cards and $9.90 for personalized versions. You can add your text greeting, choose the content, design or you CAN UPLOAD YOUR OWN GREETING VIDEO.

Your video greeting would be attached as a second QR code printed and sent to the recipient's address.

Check it out on our website:

We also offer VIP Personalisation: Our Painters will make a funny portrait for the person you want.  This offer is limited, not more than 10 per month and will cost you $500 (plus the content in case it is not from our library).

If you want a “Gold” card for a “Golden” friend or partner drop us an email at with subject 'VIP Personalisation'.

Being an author and a singer I have always wanted to send books/songs from my online collection to my friends and family. How can I do that with Magna Moments?

During Books of America exhibition, many authors were asking us about a self-publishing tool using our patent pending know how. Obviously, it is far cheaper than a printed book and it is an option as a physical carrier since the CD’S and Dvd are dead.

It is a new way of artists content monetization, and it’s material/visual.

We are working on an automatical self-publishing tool (we can do it right now at your request as well). We also provide blockchain IP protection so only one user will be able to scan and see your content. We’ll host your content as well.

Christmas is at the door and I have a special offer for your readers:

A pack of 20 greeting cards with ebooks included each at only $3.90 (original price $6.90) offer valid only until 11/25/18

20 will be enough for your friends, family, cousins, teachers…see you don't want to forget anyone. Be kind on Christmas!

I am sure that our designs will make them laugh or will touch them...

Here are two short explanatory videos in case some of your readers still have any questions:

Merry Christmas to you and to all your readers. Let’s make together America read again!

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