Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gummy Vitamins the Sequel

There is still time to get your personalized gummy vitamins! AND you totally should, because they are beyond awesome!
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BECAUSE not only are they GUMMY vitamins; they also have my name on them!

How cool is that?

Aaand they are totally delicious.

Vivafive is awesome and offering 10% off for these gummies that were already cheap at $1 a day. So definitely check them out so that you can join the fun gummy vitamin club with me.


Fun is fun (that's an indirect Dr. Seuss quote), and that's why we all love it.

I was recently in Atlantic City. I am not a fan of gambling or many of the other shenanigans that happen in places like AC, but I had the time of my life there.

I found an arcade there with a Pacman machine that worked like new (fun notebook fact: there are 140 dots in Pacman) and won a little stuffed puppy for Lester, a cow for my mom, and a little pink pig for me. Oh, and crayon erasers!

After that, I went to the pool and joined some complete strangers for a game of beach ball throwing (there must be a better name for our game). And then I hung out in the jacuzzi reading 'The Onion.'

Oh and I took this picture with my dad...

So my point here is that while most people over the age of eight would probably spend their time in Atlantic City a bit differently, this is what was fun to me. This is what made me happy, so I went for it. It's fun to have fun so have fun!

Speaking of fun...
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They have an extensive inventory of over 10,000 in stock items! Product lines ranging from Electronics, Toys, Gifts, Novelties, Jewelry, and so much more!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New Podcast

So you already listened to the new GenZ Podcast, released this morning right? Right...just in case you didn't, here it is. It's a good one.

So now I have a NEW podcast for your listening pleasure: The Wine and Shout Podcast, when the 30s get real! They're really cool and a lot of fun!

The GenZ Podcast with Zoo University

In this special episode of the GenZ Podcast, host and Voice of the New Generation, Morissa Schwartz, interviews Lee and Mike Goldstein, creators of Zoo University, a coloring book for adults. Followed by some exclusive information about GenZ’s books and upcoming releases!

Check out Zoo University here!

IMG_0410 IMG_0425 (1) IMG_0423 (1) IMG_0415 (1)

Be sure to check out their hilarious coloring book for adults! 



*This episode is sponsored by

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Friday, June 24, 2016


Original post here
“As Summer is upon us, there are so many new and continuing projects. Here are some of my latest:
  • GenZ has a number of new titles coming out. Dry World by Dylan Brock was released this past week, and A Confession by William F. Aicher will release July 8. Later this summer, we will be releasing some sci-fi, YA, and poetry books. See all the GenZ books at GenZ’s website.
  •  A new GenZ Podcast episode will be released later this week with exclusive information on all our upcoming releases and an interview with the creators of the adult coloring book, ‘Zoo University.’
  • I feature different eco-friendly small businesses from the Coastal NJ area on my on a weekly basis. Check out some of the latest features, including Holly Jolly Jams and Woof Gang Bakery here. There are many more features coming soon!
  • I am now an ‘expert’ on SheSource, so journalists and companies/organizations looking for speakers, scheduling is now easier than ever!
  • I have been doing book festivals and readings every weekend. My favorite so far this summer was the BTeen Festival at Barnes & Noble.
  • My blog of facts, quotes, and fun, My Neon Green Notebook, is constantly being updated with fun new content, as is my Instagram, where I am having fun learning guitar and sharing the results of that.
  • My collaborative single with professional pianist Ian Green, ‘The Sweetest Sound,’ will be released soon, so stay tuned!
Have a great summer, and keep in touch! Tell me about your summer projects. I am always looking for new opportunities and collaborations.”

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So I won a guitar about seven years ago in a Jonas Brothers contest (I know, I know. Haha), but I never learned how to play it. Learning was on my bucket list, though, and I am a lady on a mission to complete everything on my bucket list. So guess what? I started taking guitar lessons! And it's a lot of fun.

And I'm a total rockstar now (See photographic evidence below).

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Today, I am talking about They are seriously awesome. And not just because their company color is like green, although that does help. 

They have everything from moisturizers and gels to nutritional supplements. All really healthy stuff, and they even have subscriptions. They work on the whole body, face, even hair. It's all about you making you feel healthy.

Check them out.

 This is a video on how the wrap works. Also check out their website for some before and after photos. They're amazing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Night is a Dark Time for Me

One of the dumbest movies that I can't help but love is 'Blades of Glory.' I got the gem of a line 'Night is a dark time for me' from that movie and say it nearly every time I see the sun go down. Hey, a good line is a good line!

Speaking of stuff I can't get enough of, you should check out my friends at Tattoo Apparel. They have some seriously cool fashions. Lots of cool jewelry and clothes all at great prices. Seriously, take a look at this shirt! Total rockstar stuff. And they have an exclusive deal for you ladies today...

We are doing an Extra 50% Off Promotion for the women's clothing (not the guys stuff) on our web site. We are trying to get the word out about it. Customers who enter the promo code GALS get an extra 50% Off women's clothing. We specialize in rocker style fashions. We also offer free standard shipping on all orders shipping to a U.S. address. 

Check it out at Tattoo Apparel!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gummy Vitamins!

I have always been a big fan of gummy vitamins. Well, who isn't?
Image result for gummy bears
But there comes a time when you must up the ante with your gummy vitamin game, and that time has come. I now have my specialized gummy vitamins shipped to me in a box from Vivafive. I am not kidding...check these out!

Do you see that?! They are my personal blend and even have my name on them!!! How cool is that?

Aaand they are totally delicious.

Vivafive is awesome and offering 10% off for these gummies that were already cheap at $1 a day. So definitely check them out so that you can join the fun gummy vitamin club with me.

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