Friday, May 25, 2018

Using Growth mindset to Inspire Continual Learning

Learning does not stop when one gets their high school diploma or college degree for those who are lucky enough to get into colleges. There is still something to be learnt even when one acquires the highest level of education known to man. Learning occurs in our day to day experiences through interactions amongst ourselves, which contribute to a whole new level of understanding of things in life.

Laziness, ineffective leadership, poor performance and low productivity have become common complains in our work places that need to be addressed by focusing on learners’ passion instead of feeding content and expecting positive results. At Performance Connection, we believe that connecting with people is one way of learning new skills, methods and attitudes that foster growth of an individual.

There are number of ways one can acquire good content these days but there is need to make the learning process more interesting for readers and facilitators. Performance Connection helps individuals in building passion on what they do so as to effectively perform as required. Individual backgrounds, improper learning and improper teaching are some of the things that hinder effective performance of an individual.
We have all gone through the boring process of learning which inspires little motivation for young minds. Here are some of the methods used by Performance Connection to encourage individual growth:
·       Understanding the background of individuals, groups and situations to help one become a fan of what they do.
·       Challenging the internal and external limitations set by groups through providing scientifically proven information.
·       Improving one’s performance through interactive sessions with people in different levels in the organization.
·       Assessing personal performances that encourage achievement of goals.
The education system leaves out gaps on how individuals should effectively perform their duties and roles in various careers. There is need to change people’s view about the education system all over the world, people should critically analyze the perception on education not only as a tool to acquire new information but as a means that provides knowledge needed for growth.

To find out more Performance Connection, visit our website on follow us on social media @connect_perform on Twitter or @performandconnect on Instagram.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Digital Biz

Do you know that the current business reality is digital? Yes, online… big brands that aren’t strong online are ‘disappearing’. With you can have products and tools to resell without the massive cost of physical products. Buy once, sell infinite times! Use the discount code premeasyt and have a 30% off on your first purchase with

Monday, May 21, 2018

Winter and the Watcher on the Mountain

Ready for your next read? Hot off the press, L.R.Hambly's Natalie Winter and the Watcher on the Mountain, is a fantasy epic that follows a strong modern woman journey through a realm of Celtic Gods and tribes, love rivals, friendship, rebirth, and leaves you wondering the boundless realms that lie beyond your front doorstep.

Author L.R.Hambly can also now be found on Twitter.

Available as an ebook as well in book form.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Too Cute Monkey Tee

So stinkin' cute!

Limited addition Tshirt to help put a smile on someone's face. Spread the fun by purchasing a T for yourself or a friend and let's make the world a happier place.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Gloria’s Accessory Heaven

Fashion Accessories Complement The Beauty That's Already There So Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go. Jewelry, Handbags, Shoes And Watches.
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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Genuine Panama Hat

Genuine Panama Hat (Montecristi), Hand Woven 100% Toquilla Straw. You'll look gorgeous at any time wearing the best hat of the world! 

Montecristi" means the highest standard in the Panama straw hat trade. These hats take longer to weave, patience, expertise and harder to find.

Worldwide, all Panama Hats are handwoven with Toquilla Straw Fiber in the city of Montecristi, located in Ecuador. To get FREE SHIPPING, use code "montecristi"

Monday, May 7, 2018

Milefsky testimonial

Milefsky testimonial

Miliefsky Microsoft Antivirus Testimonial

As someone that runs multiple online businesses, I am always on the internet communicating to clients or working. With the nature of my work, I sometimes have sensitive data on my computer. My constant worry is protecting my computer from malware. With the multiple antivirus available, most help protect your pc but none gives 100% guarantee.

Miliefsky guarantees 100% protection against malware even the most sophisticated in nature. Its features include a multi-scan engine for virus and malware detection, artificial intelligence to identify breached records and fast detection to notify you early once infected.
Since I started using Miliefsky on my computer, not only have I succeeded at blocking and removing malware but also gained confidence in the antivirus. For more information on this antivirus, you can visit their website on

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Four Reasons Why I Love New Jersey

Being in the sixth generation of my family to live in New Jersey, there are things about there are things about New Jersey that are hard to get elsewhere in the world.
I’ve been to several places, but New Jersey remains my favorite place. This is why:
The Perfect Location
New Jersey’s strategic location makes it possible to enjoy the beautiful skyline view. If you need to go to New York or neighboring states, you are a train away. If you want some quiet, also cool…just go in your house or in a quiet part of town. It makes the perfect central point when it comes to commuting to other cities neighboring it.
The Best Shopping Experience
Did you know New Jersey State does not tax clothing and apparel? This explains the numerous clothing stores throughout the city. The prices are extremely pocket friendly encouraging you to shop. Be careful though not to lose yourself, you may become a shopaholic…like me!
The Vibrant Culture
If you enjoy good food, diverse people and race and an epic night life, you were born for New Jersey. From Pizza to sandwich and a taste of Italian cuisine, New Jersey’s food is one to die for. The city holds about 8 million people from different backgrounds, religion, race and ethnicity. This makes it the perfect place to experience and appreciate diverse cultures. Oh, and did I mention the diners?!
The Lovely Beaches
New Jersey has some of the beautiful shore points including Long Branch, Ocean City, Point Pleasant, and Belmar as the most popular. If you enjoy long walks along the beach or are just looking for some aqua therapy to relax and unwind, New Jersey is the place for you. And the boardwalks are the best. However, you will have to put up with the traffic as you try to access the beaches. The hustle is definitely worth it.

If you have been thinking of moving to New Jersey, there is nothing but a wonderful experience waiting for you. You can find Houses for Sale in NJ here and settle in.

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