Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Web Design

By now you probably know I have a few websites: MorissaSchwartz.com,GenZPublishing.org, and MyCoastalNJSmallBusiness.com.

I do most of my web work myself, but when I do need help, I turn to my friend Basant. He is a web genius. He knows everything there is to know about Wordpress, themes, and more. So when you need help designing your website or working out a web issue, look no further than Basant!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Look to Lester

My Dog, Lester, Inspires Me Every Day

I know, I know…what can a dog possibly teach you about life? A lot, actually.

See, my Maltese, Lester, is one of the most special creatures I have ever known. He is a great reminder of what it means to be inherently good.

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We adopted Lester fifteen years ago, to keep my three-year-old Shi Tzu, Sammy, company when everyone was at work and school. See, at that point, Sammy was lonely and needed a friend. But Lester quickly became way more than just Sammy’s playmate. He grew into a source of joy and a reminder of the awe that is abundant in this world.

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Every dog is different. I have known many dogs, all special in their own ways. One of Lester’s greatest gift is his sweetness. In his fifteen years of life, Lester has never so much as growled at someone. He is excited to meet everyone that he comes into contact with, whether it is a tiny bunny or a grown human. He has no prejudices. He sees each of earth’s creatures the same and invites everyone he meets to play, usually with his prized hamburger squeak toy in his mouth.

Instagram Photo

Speaking of his hamburger, Lester is extremely loyal. He has gotten dozens of gifts since getting that toy as a puppy, but he always chooses the hamburger. It is his favorite, always has been, always will be. He forms bonds and sticks with them, whether they are with toys, animals, or people.

Instagram Photo

When I or a member of the family gets sick, he is loyal in the same way. The usually active little fellow will lay with them until they recover. I could bet anything that if he had thumbs, he would be preparing them soup and tea also.

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Lester is also a fighter. He is fifteen, but no one who sees him ever believes it with his cheerfulness and energy. Not only is he considered an elderly dog, but just a few months ago, Lester could not even walk. He needed a wheelchair to get around.

Instagram Photo

But guess what? That little fighter worked with his wheelchair to bring back his strength.

I never thought I’d see him walk again, let alone run. Yet there he is, every day like clockwork, with his hamburger in his mouth begging to play and chasing anyone who will.

Instagram Photo

If you ever want to know what true inherent goodness looks like, look at Lester. Goodness in its purest form.

Instagram Photo

This tiny eight pound Maltese is the epitome of a being who sees the world as an amazing place and does his part to make it even better.

Instagram Photo

*And he remains adorable at all times.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


New article about geofilters and how they are changing how we communicate on HuffPo now! IMG_2259

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Anyone ever notice how 'dormitory' is an anagram of 'dirty room?' Hmmm...makes you wonder...

Now, back to school time! If you are in the market for some great clothes. visit my friends at Plick. 

Plick is a fun & simple way to buy, sell and swap trendy second hand clothes, shoes and accessories. It's easy & personal. It's s smartphone app and a website. We are based in Sweden. Download the app, you'll love it :)

Watch their video here: https://vimeo.com/163580446

Monday, August 22, 2016

Acapella Cover Songs

“You know that feeling when you hear a song that you have heard a million times before done in a completely new style, and it just makes you happy? Well, that what these covers will do.” Have you seen these cover songs?

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See the other covers at Top Trending News!

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Web Future

"Not even the future us what it used to be." -Valery

The future is ever changing as we make steps forward during the present. To think that only ten years ago, I had never even heard of an iPhone. I can only imagine what the future has in store for us!

Now, if you are looking for a great place to host your site for the future, I recommend Hoppy Hosting. Innovative, quality, and adorable name! They are winners in my book!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Top 10 Characters Who Wear Glasses

Today, I wanted a special treat, SO I have made a list of my top 10 favorite glasses-clad characters...who is your favorite? 

1.       Harry Potter
Harry Potter’s scar, wand, and glasses are his trademarks. While he may not be as ‘nerdy’ as some other glasses-clad characters, he certainly can be awkward at times. Remember his gross mispronunciation of Diagon Alley in Chamber of Secrets or how many times he was pretty clumsy for ‘the boy who lived?’

Harry is one of the most popular characters of literature, film, and now stage. From his cleverness to how he always saves the day, he is a favorite glasses-clad hero to us all. Even as a quiddich pro, he wears those glasses like a champ.

2.       Urkle
What would Family Matters have been without Urkle, who originally wasn’t even supposed to be star of the show? Sure the suspenders were a big part of his ensemble, but the glasses made the man. Urkle was the nerd we all loved, obnoxious voice and all. While some of the episodes got kind of weird, especially toward the end, we choose to remember the good ol’ beginnings of the show where Urkle was the dorkiest guy we all loved. His voice, his inventions, his crazy shenanigans. Now there is a glasses-clad gent we all love.

And who could ever forget the time he taught Stephanie Tanner to love her glasses? Now that wins him extra points in out books! To think it has been decades since Urkle graced the screen. Don’t you feel old now?

3.       Clark Kent
Sure, Superman is no nerd, but as for that Clark Kent guy…well, just look at his glasses! Clark is the opposite of Superman (I suppose that is kind of the point), and he plays the part well. As a newspaper writer, he defies the expectations of a superhero. Plus, his relationship with Lois Lane…need I say more?
His glasses are his mask. They make us think that the Godlike creature we know as Superman is a mere mortal, but alas, it is just the special power of the glasses working their magic for him. His glasses are a huge part of his identity…well his disguise, but his disguised identity. Clark gives dweebs everywhere the hope that one day they can save the day like Superman. 
4.       Napoleon Dynamite
Oh, Napoleon took the world by storm in 2004. We now wonder “What the heck were we thinking?” Nevertheless, he is now engrained in our culture. From his dancing to his catchphrases, “Tina, you fat lard!” that guy always springs to mind when we think of glasses-clad characters. One may miss the glasses because the hair and whole demeanor he has definitely take some attention away from them, but the full ensemble would not be complete if not for the glasses. Just look to all those now vintage Napoleon Dynamite Halloween costumes for proof.

Napoleon isn’t exactly a nerd like many of the others on the list. He is more of an outcast…An outcast with killer dance moves! Vote for Pedro!

5.       Stu
The first “The Hangover” was great, and for that, Stu makes the list. Stu was the voice of reason who always seemed to get in the most trouble. From a missing tooth to a face tattoo, the dentist always seemed to provide ample comic relief, despite seeming like a pretty normal guy…you know, the kind of guy who would be your dentist.

6.       Chuckie Finster
My favorite Rugrat. Like Stu, he is the voice of reason, yet he always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is the one who will tell troublemaker Tommy when something doesn’t seem like a good idea, yet still get dragged into it anyway. And in “All Grown Up,” the subpar “Rugrats” follow-up, Chuckie is the nerdy teen you would have expected from the baby.
7.       Peter Parker
The epitome of a nerd, a science geek turned superhero. Someone so many people can relate to, despite having superhero abilities, Peter Parker is in his own league on this one. While Spiderman doesn’t have glasses in the new Adaptation (Why, Marvel, why?), he is still every bit as dorky and smart as we would have expected from him.
8.       Dwight Shrute
Dwight is just ridiculous. He is a brownnoser, a beet farmer, and very memorable character. You have to hate him and love him at the same time. Between his know-it-all dialect and victimhood of Jim’s never-ending pranks, Dwight is a glasses-clad character we all can’t help but watch. We are still waiting for his spin-off.
9.       Ugly Betty

The lone lady on this list, Betty was so much to so many people. Sure, she was a fish out of water, but she was also a boss lady in her own right. She was a nerd, and she owned it. Unlike other ‘Ugly Betty’ adaptations where Betty gets beautiful to find love, this Betty was more empowering. She knew who she was and didn’t need to change her appearance to appease anyone.
10.   Ralphie
Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” is the epitome of kids you can relate to. He just wants what he wants (A Red Ryder BB Gun) and doesn’t want anyone to stand in his way. Of course, that’s tough considering the high risk that he will shoot his eye out with it.
Ralphie is a good boy, not quite a nerd though. It’s surprising, because with those glasses, one would assume that he was the smartest kid in his class, given what pop culture would lead us to believe.

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Aussie Ninja Warrior

I had the pleasure of interviewing Adam of Aussie Ninja Warrior. Adam is the number one Ninja Warrior expert straight out of Australia! Pretty cool, huh?

What got you interested in Ninja Warrior?
It was entirely accidental. I also loved Ninjas, Samurais and Japanese culture as a kid, and devoured every book I could. I had this one really thick book about Ninjitsu that I must have read about 50 times and can remember every page some 20 years later.  So, when I saw that there was a Japanese show called Ninja Warrior I was so super pumped, and then crushingly disappointed when I saw it was just a reality TV show, but then I got really, really obsessively into it and have pretty much watched every minute of every iteration since.  

American Ninja Warrior has easily become my favourite, I truly love this show. I love that the producers keep developing seemingly more and more impossible obstacles and the ninjas continually prevail.  I love that it’s incredibly difficult and that difficulty only serves to push people harder.  I love that everyone supports each other… no one is honestly competing with each other, it’s the community versus the course.  I love that you really only get one shot a year… and so luck does absolutely play its part.  Mostly though, I love the way this show makes me feel.  My wife laughs and cries with the competitor’s ups and downs, and I have never finished a show feeling uninspired.  Watching the show and dreaming about my own attempts is honestly the highlight of my week.  It’s incredibly motivating.

How are you enjoying the US?
I am absolutely loving it.  I won’t lie, quite a few family and friends warned us about traveling across because unfortunately it’s only ever the bad news that is heard abroad.  Far from being dangerous, everyone in America has been so incredibly friendly and warm. The landscape here is incredible, and so varied, I honestly had no idea just how much natural beauty there is.  Winter-time was astounding, I didn’t know that you could just have metres of snow piled up on the side of the road for months without it melting, it’s really exciting.

How is it different from Australia?
It’s funny, both countries are really similar, with almost identical cultures, and obviously I’d seen a lot of American TV shows and movies, so I wasn’t expecting any culture-shock at all.  I have been amazed at all the little differences though. Firstly, I don’t want to damage Australian Tourism at all, but I have to say it’s really, really nice not to have to be on the lookout for spiders and bugs and snakes all the time. I had no idea just how much checking for spiders I did in Australia.  In the US the gas is cheap and the cars are monster big. I’m no maths guy, but I think gas is about 4 or 5 times the price that it is here. Thinking about it, everything is different; the trees, the cars, the houses, the food, the people, the experiences, the opportunities. I honestly didn’t expect to love the US as much as I have.

How are you a ninja warrior expert?
In the US I’m definitely not, but in Australia, a lot of the Ninja Warrior television programmes were really hard to find, there’s a lot of regional restrictions where you can’t order from Amazon or watch on YouTube things that are easily available here, so my passion and obsession for the last decade has been something that hardly anyone had heard of.  Now that Australian Ninja Warrior has been announced to air in Australia in 2017, everyone is super pumped. American Ninja Warrior has been running for 8 years, so a whole industry of Ninja Warrior gyms and Ninja Trainers exists here that just doesn’t exist in Australia… so I’ve been training on obstacles that just don’t exist in Australia yet, so I definitely think I might be one of the most experienced people in Australia.  The producers of the show even asked for my advice, that was pretty rad.

Anything else to add?

Yes, when I first started training, I found it really hard to find any useful information, and I had a huge amount of questions that just went unanswered for years… so I’ve now started a website, a blog and a weekly video (www.australianninjawarrior.com.au) to help build the community and answer all the questions of people that are just learning about Ninja Warrior now. I am so excited to be at the forefront of something that is just incredible in the US.  If I could help build a community that is even a fraction as supportive as the Ninja Warrior community in America I would be a very, very happy ninja. Thank you so much for your time, please contact me via the website if you’re excited or curious about anything Ninja Warrior.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Play Dates

You know what I miss? Play dates.

There was just something so magical about coming
home from school with a friend’s mom’s phone number
tucked between my fingers, handing it to my mother, and
asking her to set up a special day for my friend and me.
I would sit there in front of my mom, bored, as I watched
her make small talk with the friend’s mom on the bisque
cordless phone. But then, she would get to the good part:
planning. The day, time, what snacks would be served, who
would drop the friend off…it was all in the details. I just had

to do one thing to make it happen: tidy up my room. I would
grovel the whole time, but it was always worth it.

The play date was an event. My friend would pull up,
our parents would chat while we ran to my room. I would
introduce the friend to each of my eight favorite stuffed
animals: Blue Teddy, Mousy, Tim, Honey, Sammy, Clifford,
Susan, and Franklin. Then, weather permitting, we would
go outside and play on the wooden swing set that my dad
put together. After that, we would reenact scenes from our
favorite shows: All That, The Amanda Show, Kenan and
Kel, and Drake and Josh. Although, I did have some friends
who would write original content with me, normally about
pretty princesses or brilliant spies, two things we strived to

When it was time for the friend to go, we would beg for just
five minutes more. Normally, we would get fifteen more, but
it was never enough. When the friend left, I always wished
they hadn’t. Then, I’d see them in school the next day, and
we’d tell our whole class about all the fun stuff we did and
try to make everyone jealous.

But it doesn’t work like that anymore. Hanging out with a
friend now consists of a text. To which they reply, “Sure.”
It’s almost too easy. I often miss the days of the play date.

This selection originally appeared in my book "Notes Never Sent." 

There may not be playdates anymore, but there are still ways to find new friends. My friends at www.friendblink.com are here to help you find new friends online. Its called friendblink.com. Friendblink is a social network to help you make friends in your area based on the activities you enjoy. Maybe there is movie you would like to see, a coffee shop you would like to visit or a beach you'd like to visit on a hot summer day. Find a friend at: www.friendblink.com.

Monday, August 1, 2016


One of my favorite shower thoughts: "Orchestras are just 1800s cover bands." Ahaha!

Now for a word from my great friends at Wellness is your Choice. This is a great program that is your video coach to living your healthiest and best life. Looking and feeling great are so important. I am glad that there is a program like this to ensure all around health:

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