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The Fair, Sweetest Sound, and More!

As we head into August, here are some of the big happenings around here!

  • There are some new updates and features on Morissa’s website Coastal NJ Small Business. This is your guide to great small businesses on the NJ coast.
  • GenZ Publishing has some great new books coming out. Check them all out! There’s something for everyone.

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The Truth About my Guitar Lessons

As you may know if you are connected with blog/social media, I have just started guitar lessons!

It all started because I won a guitar in a Jonas Brothers (JoBros as true fans called them) contest a few years back (feel free to chuckle). The contest went like this: I sang one of the Jonas Brother's songs, Paranoid, for "Girl's Life Magazine," made a music video, and it got two million votes, which won me the guitar.

Girl's Life has since taken down the videos (I am not complaining haha), so here is a photo with no explanation of the Jonas Brothers on a weather map, because of course.

That was a total highlight of high school for me. I mean can you imagine being a high schooler and something happening like that to you? Truly a dream. So because of that, I was less concerned with the actual prize and more so excited about my success in the contest and of course, the Jonas Brothers, who were like the biggest group in the world at that point. The guitar was just an added bonus then.

But now that I am more grown and the shock of the contest has worn off, I was left with this really cool guitar. I decided that rather than just letting it sit there, I would cross learning to play guitar off of my bucket list. So, I started taking lessons at a local college. I am the only person in the class with an electric guitar, but it's really fun.

I am four weeks into it, and have not only learned how to make the guitar produce non-ear shatterring sound (which I never thought would be possible), but I learned a few songs (and I am working on making them listenable, so stay tuned for cover videos!). And now I am on a new part of the class where we are focusing on rock, which is pretty awesome in my book. Yesterday, we learned some basic jamming techniques; now that's really rocky.

I am now looking into guitar equipment to help me maximize my sound and am loving Function f(x),dedicated to designing and producing exceptional guitar effects pedals for tone enthusiasts and experimenters. Our goal is to provide customers with reliable and aesthetically pleasing musical devices that deliver outstanding tone in any performance, studio, or home setting. Current products are: Clusterfuzz and Third Rail Overdrive. Coming to market soon: Parallax (combination tremolo and phaser).

So any fellow guitarists out there, definitely check out those awesome people. They also have ties to Drew University (my alma mater), so you know they're awesome. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Alexis Shoen

A well-written book by Alexis Shoen, a medical doctor from Munich who moved to the US at age 25, 'Christianity and Cosmic Consciousness' is a examines the relationship between politics and religion. Even if you are not of the Christian faith (like myself) you will appreciate the many anecdotes in this book.


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Brad Green on the GenZ Podcast

Listen to this exciting GenZ Podcast interview with restauranteur, Brad Green. Learn more about Brad Green at

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RedRebs Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Thaldev Kaim, founder of, a brand for plus size women.

Morissa: What inspired you to start a luxury fashion portal?
Thaldev: As a high-profile  advertising industry leader (Creative Director) I have worked for world’s top brands and had to routinely meet film & industry celebrities. To ensure superior meeting-outcomes I used to scour markets for luxury plus size clothing for self and team members. However I was always disappointed by the sheer lack of choices and agonizing neglect by top fashion brands of this ballooning segment globally.  I noticed that this market gap for plus size clothing especially in the online retail segment was forever growing by leaps and bounds in both developed and developing markets around the world at attractive plus size proportions (market size, galloping growth). This market reality inspired me to launch my own plus size fashion portal that’s focused on resolving most of the life challenges of plus size people around the world.
 Women, as the better half of humankind, are the chosen nurturers and birth givers to mankind. By neglecting their plus size fashion and living needs of these women, businesses are being insensitive and irresponsible. Expecting all women to be size zero sexy always is being foolish and selfish. As I have always seen my mom, an adorable plus size lady, agonizingly search for plus size fashion clothing with little success I decided to rectify this. After all, if we neglect our women’s needs and aspirations we are being inhuman to the humans’ reason to be alive! We need to respect all women for what they do to us as mothers, soulmates, friends, bosses, leaders, helpers….by proactively making their lives more beautiful and meaningful in ways they never dreamt of before. After all our forever loving and caring women nurture us all without demanding anything in return except for love and respect.  And its for this very reason my RedRebs is the world’ first and only fashion destination for plus size women that helps them transform their lives and not just looks.

How has technology shaped your business?
Interactive web 2.0 technology and tech-savvy process innovations have helped me deliver a seamless people-delight experience while helping me minimize operations, marketing and sales costs. The website allows me to continuously add new product lines and brands without having to bother about expensive brick & mortar retail space. And online digital marketing is analytics data driven and demand-agile across multiple channels. This allows us to integrate backend and front end processes to  serve emerging market needs intelligently and quickly. We are thus able to seamlessly integrate key business functions to ensure a superior customer experience across different touchpoints using a fusion ‘web-mobile-offline’ approach. Our eCommerce empowered website has many world firsts like ‘shop by body type and recommended looks’ feature. These user delighting innovations have helped us in making online shopping truly inspiring and extremely convenient in  multiple ways. 

Do you have any funny stories from your business experience?
I am an ‘ Apple-products-fan’ and own the latest iPad, iMac (laptop), Apple Mac (Desktop) and the iPhone. So when our business adviser Anshumali Saxena pointed out that Adam & Eve started procreation by biting into an apple I couldn’t burst out laughing at the suggestion that I have started the procreation of a new fashion tribe through my very own Apple Bytes!

You used to work in communications. How do those skills come in handy for your clothing business?
My brand communications role focused on transforming the entire business promotions’ value chain and not just delivering select advertisements. My focus on delivering out of the box brand delight solutions to advertising clients helped me devise a fashion-clothing business USP that proactively delivers people delight across the customer journey and not just at the point of sales. Being adept at both offline and online brand delight promotions I was able to grasp the nuances of delivering a holistic offline-online customer delight experience deliverable right from the beginning instead of learning from risky trial and errors process.
Empowering women globally to redefine ‘wow’ as ‘wonderfully outstanding women’ through inspirational clothing, accessories and smart living-thriving.

-Any advice for other entrepreneurs?
Always revisit the drawing board with a clear focus on the core idea to find out-of-the-box solutions to new complexities, We should never allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by emerging challenges as sometimes these issues become our stumbling blocks and often make brands deviate from their business USP which may in turn derail the success-process..

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The Sweetest Sound is Available NOW

Friday Facts!

Here's your dose of Friday Facts!

  • The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn.
  • Blue and white are the most common school colors.
  • The Confederate flag had 13 stars but only 11 states.
Love my blog? Looking for another blog to love? Then check out Sanobellezza. 

Sanobellezza is a well being blog featuring everything from beauty, health, food, recipes and even spiritual health and we are working on opening up the online boutique to feature the beauty kits for the beauty recipes as well as other items. My website is, and you can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, tumblr. Come to my website and try the food recipe for my Paleo Stuffed Cabbagge or my Beauty recipe for my Fragrant Orange Sugar Scrub and many other recipes and health tips. 

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Big decisions

Beyonce once said that there's no drum roll or trumpet sound when you make the biggest decisions of your life, and sometimes you don't even realize when you have made them..that is true.

Well, I have a decision for you: you should decide to visit, Isaac Meyer's website! Isaac Meyers is one of the most creative makeup artists today.
He has a large background in experiences and a list of clients including celebrities such as Etta James, Adriana Lima, Rhianna and Rob Lowe. Isaac is an artist who believes each client is unique and strives to express individuality in his work.

When deciding to work with Isaac Meyers, you can rest assured that his innovation and creativity will leave you inspired. His work is bold and imaginative; he works with his heart. Isaac discovered his talent for makeup artistry when he was 17 years old.

His determination led him through nine years in Hollywood. There, he worked on a variety of projects such as TV production sets, commercials, red carpet events, editorial creations and more. Currently, Isaac maintains a working relationship with L’Oreal Paris and Maybelline NY. For these companies, he works on their red carpet events.

Learn more at


"It's not what you look at that matters; it's what you see." Thoreau said that, and it really is true. You can see the positives and negatives in anything and anyone.

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About the Publishing Industry

When it comes to the publishing industry, I have pretty much seen it all: self-publishing, traditional publishing, and everything in between. I self-published my first book in high school, had a book traditionally published in college, and started my own publishing company in grad school. I think about how much I didn’t know about the industry when I was just a starry-eyed high schooler writing a book, and when I talk to people about publishing now, there are misconceptions about the industry I hear over and over.

1. There are usually between 600,000 and 1,000,000 book published per year in the US. Yes, that’s a lot of books. And that number keeps growing. Because of the ease of self-publishing allowing more authors to share their work and new niches and topics to write about all the time, there is a big market for book publishing. Also, of course, the internet has been a tremendous help in helping people to connect with publishers or learn about the publishing industry on their own to get their books out there.

Of course this means that there is big competition for authors, which brings us to the next pointl…

2. You Probably Won’t Sell a Million Copies unless you’re a Kardashian or Trump or some other non-authory celebrity. The point is new authors so rarely make that million books sold mark that it is like winning the lottery. That is why book sales are really not the best marker to determining an author’s success. Instead, book reviews are a better indicator. Amazon has been doing a good job of keeping phoney reviews out of their website, going so far as to actually sue those who were being paid to review books. While not all book reviews are created (they are based on someone’s opinion), if a book has some good reviews on Amazon, that is a pretty good indicator that it is a good book.

3. Being Published Doesn’t Automatically Make You Famous.

As you may have guessed by the stats of just how many people publish books per year, being an author does not equate to fame. I learned the hard way. I self-published a book in high school, and when the paparazzi didn’t start stalking me, I just assumed that it was because I was self-published, and there is a stigma around self-publishing. So, I wrote a new book and started sending queries to publishing houses. When my book was picked up by one, I figured this was my big break. Again, no dice. At least not in the earth shattering can’t walk down the street sort of fame people imagine authors having. I did get to be in some newspapers and magazines and do readings at Barnes & Noble, so that is a nice mini taste of ‘the good life.’ If authors are prepared realistically about their chances of fame (which are slim to none) they will really appreciate the smaller things (like local readings and signings or when someone actually Tweets about your book.)

4. You Probably Won’t Be Published by the Big Four book publishers. And even if you are, if you’re not famous, you’re probably not going to have a bestseller.

The big four are so selective. They’re like ivy league colleges, only there’s a lot more competition and it’s even tougher to get in. An agent can help, but you really need to have a large following on social media and be pretty notable. These companies have different tiers of authors and if you are a new author who is lucky enough to be published, you won’t get the same treatment as big name authors. You will have to do a lot of work and promotion yourself, because having that publisher’s big name behind you is your reward. Oh, and about author advances, you probably won’t get one.

5. Books Aren’t Dying.

Don’t believe everything that you read. Contrary to what some will have you believe, the book industry is not dying. It is changing, but not dying. There may not be as many brick and mortar bookstore, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t reading books. In fact, more people read today than ever.

6. Self-Publishing is Not Ruining the Publishing industry.But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a stigma attached to it. Don’t let that discourage you, though, because there are many quality self-published books.

Self-publishing is introducing more and more people to the literary world. That is bringing more books of varied topics to the world and spreading many new ideas not previously talked about. It’s actually pretty incredible to think just how amazing all these new ideas are and how they are shaping the world, especially through their ease of sharing online.

7. The Publishing Industry Unveils More New Products than Any Other Industry Every Year.

You probably don’t think of it, but every book is a product. It must be designed, produced, manufactured, delivered…they are products like any other. Can you imagine if there were 600,000–1,000,000 new models of cars released in the US every year? I don’t think we would have room for them.

8. E-books are Not Replacing Paperback Books.

There are two types of people: eBook readers and paperback readers…or are there? Many readers like to use both. eBooks are great when you are traveling and do not want to carry an obscene amount of books, but can anything ever really compare to the sweet smell of a nice paperback? For a while, eBooks were looking like they were going to outdo paperbacks, but that trend seems to be reversing, as the two forms are now pretty well matched.

9. Book Publishers are Not Publicists.

Back in the pre-Internet era, a lot of publishers would do a lot of publicity for authors, and they still do. BUT now it is also on the author to get publicity and promote themselves. Most authors become their own brand-like entity, forming powerful social media personalities and promoting that way. That is something a publisher, no matter how good, just could not do for an author. Heck, some authors are even known to hire their own publicist in addition to their publisher. But the publisher does give something self-publishing does not provide: notoriety.

10. There are Many Ways to Write and Publish a Book.There’s not just self-publishing. There’s not just big four publishing. There are also indie publishers (like GenZ Publishing), where you get the best of both worlds of self publishing and big publishing. See, with an indie publisher, you have more creative control than you do at a big publisher, and the avoidance of being labeled a self-published author. With an indie publisher you are a published author.

By Morissa Schwartz

Morissa Schwartz is owner of GenZ Publishing ( She is an author, Guinness World Record Breaker, singer, and proud semi-colon supporter. Morissa has a website at You can follower her on Twitter @MorissaSchwartz and on Instagram atMorissa_Schwartz.


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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

GenZ Author, Spencer Durrant, on the News

Check out this fun segment with Spencer, author of Learning to Fly (releasing 8/9) on the news!


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Coastal NJ Small Business Song

“Morissa composed and sang this song as well as producing this video and conducting all interviews as part of her website.”

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My Coastal NJ Small Business Shop Small

My Coastal NJ Small Business Shop Small My Coastal NJ Small Business Shop Small A video highlighting some of the wonderful shops locally owned and green in coastal NJ. Visit for more information. Featuring original song "Main Street."

Monday, July 18, 2016


"War becomes irrational when you start using it as a rationale for peace." -Normon Solomon
I love that quote; it is more true now than ever.

And now a word from my friends at Stand4Love...

Have you heard about the ‪#‎standforlovemovement‬? Too many horrible things have been happening in the 🌎 lately... It's time to make a change!! We have joined all the amazing small shops on Instagram and designed this Tshirt to stand up for ❤️ and rise above all the hate that's been plaguing our world. Join us and thousands of others on July 30th and show the world you ‪#‎standforlove‬. Let's flood FB & IG with our 📸 of love.

Check out the WebStore: and Facebook:
 USE CODE: STAND4LOVE and get 40% OFF of this item.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

GenZ News Annuoncements

GenZ News Annuoncements GenZ Publishing has many new releases coming out and people are excited! Spencer Durrant's Learning to Fly is due out August 9. It's a real tearjerker. Also, be on the lookout for Sedrie Danielle's Knights of Emnity, Calix Leigh Reign's Opaque, Penelope Aaron's Inspirited, and more! Also, surely you remember just a few months ago when KW Peery's book Tales of a Receding Hairline went to #1 on Amazon's Hot New Releases List, right? Well now he has a new book coming out: Purgatory! Isn't that exciting? Also be sure to check out some of GenZ's recent releases like William F. Aicher's A Confession, Dylan Brock's Dry World, Jeffrey Thompson's Thirteen Years of Dust, R.J. Rogue's 'Evanescence,' Adrian Debarros' 'A Poet and His Errant Pen,' Justin Fulkerson's 'An Hour for Magic' and more all on the GenZ website at

Interview with Kyle Grazian

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Kyle Grazian, owner of, the highest rated moving company in Oregon. Anyone who knows me understands how deeply I admire entrepreneurs.

Here's the interview:

Morissa: Tell me about your business, how it was started, and how you got into the industry.
Kyle: We were founded in 2011 by myself, Kyle Graziani. I was a junior at the time at Portland State university, majoring in business administration. I worked part time for another moving company in town for about 8-9 months prior to starting northwest movers.

I took notice that the customer service provided was sub par at best. I knew I could provide a better physical service, with top of the line customer service. I had a fairly large check bounce from the moving company I had worked for. This was the nail in the coffin, but I'm glad it happened as it pushed me towards building Northwest movers.

During the first two years, I couldn't focus my sole attention on the company. We started as a pack and load company, and mainly advertised on Craig's list. Upon graduation I was able to put my attention towards northwest movers. The first three years were primarily spent building the brand, and reputation. It wasn't until midway through 2014 where we really took off.

Have you always been from Oregon?
I was born in Portland, however I moved back and forth between Oregon and California several time while I was a young child. My parents were from California, so we spent a few years in Sacramento. I have since been in Portland permanently from the age of 11.

How has the internet changed your business?
The Internet is the focal point of our business. Without the internet, we would cease to exist. It's that simple. The millaniol generation has changed the entrepreneurial game considerably . While word of mouth is still a focal point for most businesses, it has easily taken a back seat to the Internet. 85% of consumers check online for feedback before they make a purchase. This makes platforms like Yelp, Google, and Angie's list extremely valuable for small businesses, especially those in the service industry.

What is your personal philosophy on running a successful business?
All in all, it boils down to taking care of your clients. Not one business in this world is perfect. Our philosophy is to not leave any customer unsatisfied. Like I mentioned earlier, no one is perfect. It's how you act and respond in the not so perfect moments. Do not turn a blind eye to those who are unsatisfied. Go out of your way to make each and every one satisfied with the service provided.

Why is making your customers happy so important to you?
Customers make or break your business. Especially with social media and today's online presence for small businesses. Not taking care of your customers will have you in the sinking in the deep end. 

Thank you, Kyle! Be sure to check out his company,

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My Neon Green Notebook Turned Two Years Old!

My Neon Green Notebook turned two years old today! Woohoo! (Party Streamer Noise!) This blog has evolved quite a bit in these two years and will just keep growing, thanks to the awesome readers like you! Check out the very first post here... It only received 9 views that day. (Cue aww). Check out some of the older posts too. It's fun to mindlessly scroll, but you can also use the search box. Type in a word and see if I've written a post on it (I've written a lot of posts, so the chances are pretty good that I did.)
How would you like to celebrate two years of MNGNB? Special post? A video? A listicle? Your choice, so let me know what YOU want to see!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Interview with Scott Nailon

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Nailon, creator of

My Neon Green Notebook: Hi Scott! Thanks for joining me today! So tell me about the idea behind your website,
Scott Nailon: My father was Arnold Schwarzenegger's photographer and friend in the 1970's - they spent a lot of time together.
HE has passed on his photo collection to me and I have decided to start publishing the photos for the world to see.

MNGN: What motivated you to start your online businesses? 
My father got very sick a while back and we nearly lost him to heart complications, it caused me to do a lot of reflecting and once he was on the mend I was relieved and wanted to do something great for him.

One day I was sitting with him in conversation and he said something I never thought I would hear from him, he gave me permission to do what ever I like with his photo collection. I almost did a backflip with excitement!

I decided then and there I was going to give my best to make his legacy known and use his artistry to honour his part in the promotion of Australian Bodybuilding. Unlike some greed driven characters on the scene my father never tried to profit from his passion - he just gave and gave. 

My aim with The Arnold Collection is to make a good amount of profit on sales, enough to launch a book of my dads best work, do an exhibition in Australia, USA and other places and also to buy my father a 1963 Split Window Corvette (His Favourite). My father is a very unique person who has won the hearts of MANY Australian Bodybuilders since the 1970's, he always treated people the same - whether you were Mr Olympia or a new guy travelling from Malta who knew no one - he would welcome you and treat you like royalty!

MNGN: What is the most fun story about Schwarzenegger you have heard?

Oh! I have a bunch of funny Arnold stories, there are a few I wont tell on the threat of death (from my father) and a few that I have put out on the blog on my website. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a funny guy.

MNGN: Which is your favorite photo? My Favourite photo of Arnold would be the one of him at his desk, feet up on the telephone. I love it because it is rare but really captures a moment. Everyone is into his posing shots - but I like to see natural in the moment type of photos.

Bonus question: How is your Schwarzenegger impression? 

As for Arnold impersonations, I cant stand them! I have seen my dad do some funny ones, but then he does them of all the greatest Hollywood stars!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Interview with Authors of “Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest"

I had the pleasure of interviewing the authors of “Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest," Sara and Adam Jeffers.

About their book: "Sara and Adam Jeffers, a husband and wife team that write under the pseudonym S.A. Jeffers, have released the first book in their highly anticipated Bigfoot Trails series. The first book, Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest takes place in the high Cascades and salmon­filled streams of the Pacific Northwest. Each scene contains evidence of Bigfoot’s presence, from a footprint to several Bigfoots in the trees. The book is designed to help children to read while they have fun looking for evidence that Bigfoot exists. The book is available in paperback and e­book via Amazon.

Beautifully illustrated by Catherine Straus of Salem, OR, each scene shows life in the woods and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. In each image, Bigfoot has left evidence of his passing, from hair to his bed. Children even catch a glimpse of the Big “Man” himself. There is so much happening on each page that it turns into more than just a search for Bigfoot; it becomes a chance to identify many of the animals, birds, and fish that live in one of America’s most beautiful regions."

Now to the interview...

My Neon Green Notebook: What inspired you to write this book?
SJ: We’ve always been intrigued by all the Bigfoot legends and sightings stories out there. As parents to three young boys ourselves, we thought of a fun way to include kids in the fun of the mystery! Who else to play hide-and-seek with other than the “reigning champion”, the most elusive creature of Bigfoot? The book also was developed as a way to encourage kids to unplug from their gaming systems and plug into nature a little more often.

MNGN: What were your favorite books as kids? Did they inspire this book?
SJ: I remember really loving Dr. Seuss books as a child that young and I'd say in the writing of this book I was definitely remembering my joy for that author's word choice! 

MNGN:What advice would you give to aspiring authors? 
SJ: Being brand new authors, we're still learning and growing. However one thing I can say is that if you want to publish a book, in any genre, just go for it! So often we get stuck on whether we'll have readers, if we can do it, is it good enough, and all those other fears. Self-publishing options out there are amazing and there are a lot of resources and support in an amazing indie author community!

Friday, July 8, 2016

An Ant's Life

Abraham Lincoln once said, "An ant's life is as sweet to it as ours is to us." I knew I liked that man. 

See, I refuse to kill bugs, and I honestly cannot understand how in an advanced society it is viewed as perfectly acceptable to kill these innocent creatures. They are living beings, and we know this, yet we squash them without thought.

So next time you see an ant marching along, do the right thing and leave him alone.

C'mon, look at that face; he's adorable!

Because it is so unthinkable to kill a bug, it is even more unbelievable and incomprehensible that someone would kill a human being. The value of life is the greatest there is.

That beautiful poem is by Nikki Giovanni and reflects the bigger issue here surrounding recent tragic events. The main point through all this is to remember the value of all life. One cannot act violently, because 'they are scared.' The reflex should be to never harm another being, not to act violently out of fear or for any other reason.


Are you feeling lost, inadequate, and lacking in confidence?
Do you feel alone, and unsure of what direction you should take?
Are you tired of just simply surviving and want more out of life?
Then Natasha Sandy can help.
Natasha’s background and experience in counseling psychology can help you figure out your purpose in life.
Natasha believes it’s never too late to find your life path, and she’d love to talk to YOU through her phone therapy service.
Are you ready to finally spread your wings and fly confidently into the world?

Call or TEXT Natasha today for your free phone therapy trial:

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National Anthem Performance

“As is tradition, Morissa will be opening the Middlesex County Fair with the National Anthem on August 1 as she has for the past eleven years.”

Learn more about the fair.


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Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Sweetest Sound Single 7/22 Release!

‘The Sweetest Sound’ written and sung by Morissa Schwartz in collaboration with composer and pianist, Ian Green, is an upbeat easy listening song that will be available for download on 7/22. Stay tuned for the information on how you can download the single.

The duo has collaborated on a number of songs, and this is their first wide release.

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I have an obsession with leggings. A serious obsession. Sure, the legging obsession isn't as bad as my sunglasses or Pepsi obsession (yet) but that doesn't mean it isn't real.

I just saw this movie 'Me Before You,' and in it, the protagonist was gifted a pair of bumblebee colored leggings (yellow and black striped).That was all I needed to push my obsession to high gear. Where could I possibly go to get a pair of leggings as cool as hers?

Answer: LeggingsBuzz! They have every kind of legging you could want. Such a wide variety. It is awesome. From floral to bloodsplatter to Adventure Time themed leggings, they really do have everything. I'm so excited to have found my new love at LeggingsBuzz!

A word about LeggingsBuzz from LeggingsBuzz: At, we source the highest quality overstocked leggings, lifters, and pants from major wholesalers. We then offer those products worldwide at wholesale prices. We plan on running a large amount of social media based contests with leggings and other accessories as prizes soon.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Shark Week Fact

So I think shark week was last week? Or is it this week? I'm not even sure anymore, but in any event, shark week is around this time, so here is a shark fact for you: about one person is killed in a shark attack per year, while 141 sharks are killed by people per DAY. Wow! 

That is actually a very sad fact. Sorry, Left Shark!

Tech and web friends, need a new web host? Check out my friends at They do it all when it comes to your websites from domains to hosting.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day!


Now a question for you: Do you prefer calling it Fourth of July or Independence Day? I tend to go with Fourth of July, because Independence Day strikes me as a bit too formal, and I think of the aliens.

Check out

"We're a social media marketing company and specialize in Facebook Advertising. We've developed a Google Chrome extension that allows you to make$100 every month from your 
Facebook account. The extension allows us to, "rent" the business side of your Facebook, and doesn't affect your personal Facebook use.

You will be paid $100 each month and will receive your first $25 weekly payment within 24 hours of signing up."

Friday, July 1, 2016

Mind-Boggling Planetary Factoid

Did you know a day on Venus is longer than a year there? That's one of my favorite mind-boggling planetary factoids, but really, they are boundless. What is your favorite fact about space?

Now, a word from my friends at ClearLee Mineral Water Cosmetics, an all natural cosmetic company that is dedicated to putting mineral water in every product: "We believe everybody deserves a chance at clear, beautiful, and radiant skin. We make luxury cosmetic products using one of the most mineral enriched waters in the Americas and combine them with natural ingredients and bring it to everyone at an affordable cost. Our ClearLee Clear Skin Set is great for anyone that want glowing skin! Everyone should take advantage of our opening price and order today! Check us out: ClearLee Mineral Water Cosmetics,"

Featured Post

Brad Green on the GenZ Podcast

Listen to this exciting GenZ Podcast interview with restauranteur, Brad Green. Learn more about Brad Green at . Filed und...