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Interview with Dorsey Ross

This man is an inspiration…

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Interview with Dorsey Ross

You know how sometimes you see someone speak and just know they are doing great things? Well, that is Dorsey Ross. I watched this video and was immediately awe-struck by what an incredible individual he is...

That is why it was such a pleasure to be able to interview him on my blog. Read the full interview below...

Hi, Dorsey! It is such a pleasure to interview you. Let's start with your book. Tell me about it and what lead you to write it.

My Book Overcomer: Discovering God's Purpose Against all Odds is based on my life.  It is based on my disability called Apert Syndrome and what I have been through, in my life from the time my parent’s met until now.  I wanted to write it because I have had a lot of people in my life time me that I needed to write my story.  I believed that others needed to hear my story, so I fight that this would be another outlet for others to hear my story.  That is why I decided to write my autobiography so that other people can know my life story as well. 

What inspired you to become a minister?  
The biggest inspiration came from working with the youth at the church.  During my time working with the youth regardless of what I looked like, I was always accepted in the youth group.  Through the years of being in the youth group, and eventually becoming a leader with the youth, I enjoyed ministering to and being there for them, if they needed to talk.  Though God had a different plan for my life, even though I wanted to become a youth pastor, and youth ministry was my major at Bible College.  I started to realize that God was closing that door.  In February of 2007, I started traveling around giving my testimony. 

How did having Apert syndrome impact you growing up to now? 
It impacted me in a lot of different ways, both good and bad.  The good was while growing up, although I had to deal with a congenital disability, I had to learn to do things differently than other people.  I also realized that God had created me this way for a reason and a purpose.  I realized that I wanted to do my best with whatever it was that either myself or God had for me to do.  I never wanted my disability to stop me from achieving the goals, plans, that I set up for myself.  I knew that regardless of what I was dealing with, I wanted to show everyone else with a disability that you can surpass the limitations that people have put on you.  The bad ways that my disability affected me was, I was teased made fun of picked on, called monster and freak.  Being ridiculed not only happened from friends and people that I went to school with but also those that I knew in my neighborhood.  There were times in my life that I wanted to give up, or even end my life.  I sometimes wondered what I would be able to do if I would be able to do anything.  As you can see their’s two sides to this coin, it impacted me in both good and bad ways.  Though I have learned to deal with the bad, I realized that the good far outweigh the bad.    

How has having Apert Syndrome empowered you to help others?   
There are a lot of people that go through difficulties and situations in life.  Whether it be a spiritual issue, physical, mental emotional, and I learned that going around speaking, people are dealing with a lot of problems.  Some of these matters are the same ones that I went through.  Because of that, I can encourage them to continue in their life, and not to give up, or not feel defeated.  Most importantly I always point them to Christ.  Letting them know that God must be first in their life and that God will lead and guide them through the difficulties.  People have seen me, and have said wow, you're a walking miracle, wow you been through all that you dealt with, and are still smiling.  I just smile, because I realize that it encourages them to see someone go through all I have, still smile, and still be happy.  It helps them to understand that Dorsey can deal with all that he has, still laugh's, and still have the joy that he has, in the end, it’s s an encouragement to them. 

What is the main message that you want to share with others?  That with God all things are possible, and no matter what you are facing, or what you are going through, with Gods help you can make it.  That is why the title of my book is called Overcomer, I believe that I am an overcomer, and that is what I hope my message is to others.  That they as well can be overcomers in their lives.   

Where have you traveled to spread your message?

 I travel all over the country, I have been to several different states, including California, Indiana, Michigan, Louisiana, Virginia, and more.   Do you have any favorite memories from your travels? 

One of my favorite memories from my travels was when I went to California, and I spoke at a church there on a Sunday morning.  Though speaking there wasn’t the highlight of the weekend, but it was what happened the night before.  They had a prom night theme party for people with disabilities, and with me having a disability.  It was an awesome experience to see the church do something like that and to get to meet and see those that were their happy and dancing. 

Amazing! Where can people find you?
People can find me on Facebook, Twitter as @dorseyross and @Overcomerbook, and people can also buy my book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks. 

Thank you, Dorsey Ross. You are a true inspiration!

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Why Encouraging Entrepreneurship is Important from a Young Age

Why Encouraging Entrepreneurship is Important from a Young Age I grew up in an entrepreneurial household, but many kids don't and they don't have the support they need from advisors and teachers to become entrepreneurs. I want to start a dialogue to change that...let's start encouraging entrepreneurship from a young age!

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OK, so by now I'm sure you know I'm kind of a shopaholic. I love all kinds of different stuff from around the world. And Swissmade.Direct is one of my favorite places to find awesome stuff, from foods to clothes. I was lucky enough to get to interview the founder of the business, Yves, and found out some pretty awesome stuff about this family run business.

But first check these out...just some of my favorite things on the site.

These antibacterial pens (I didn't even know these existed and think they may just change my life)!

And this awesome watch that I am definitely putting on my dad's Christmas list...

And my personal favorite: this awesome iPad case...


You care clearly proud of your Swiss heritage and the quality of products you have. How do those two go hand-in-hand?

The sense of quality has been developed in Switzerland over generations. This proves that Switzerland has many "old" companies which still are producing their products in our country. The quality concept is also reflected in the structure of our country, which provides stability and quality for companies and employees, so that quality and added value for the products can be created. In a country where peace and unity prevail, the economy can concentrate its focus on production and development.

What inspired you to start this business?

I traveled a lot. Whenever I talked to people, I got to hear that these people liked one or another product in Switzerland, but they were not available at home. Or the product is available, but does not taste the same as in Switzerland. The people in the world should have the opportunity to get the original Swiss products on without that they have to travel to Switzerland (except they want visit our country for holiday).

Which are your personal favorite products?

This is not an easy question as all products are great. Ok, what I realy like are the essential oil inhalers, Aromastick. For supporting concentration, focus, relax or whatever, even for weightcontrol or for pains… The second one are the antibacterial-pens which is an amazing products. From the food of course the chocolates and Rivella. The list is long it we will have in the future more and more products.

What is your favorite kind of chocolate?

The white chocolate Frey “Tourist with raisins, hazelnuts and almonds”, the white Lindt “Mousse chocolate”, the Minor Mini Bar chocolate and the Swiss Army chocolate.

I am in the US; you can ship to me?

Yes, of course. We ship all over the world (except there are restrictions).

Tell me something surprising that Americans probably would not know about the Swiss.

The Swiss love spontaneity - as long as it is planned.
The opposite of the Americans as I learned it during my travels in your country.

Also, uncomfortable matters are often addressed indirectly in Switzerland. Many conversation partners will only use disguised criticism. Nonetheless they will expect the criticism to be taken seriously. Direct confrontation is avoided in order to preserve harmony when conflicts do arise. For example, one may receive a letter from an irritated neighbour. If a situation is unclear it is better to ask again than not to be sure. 

Anything else to add? 

Sure, we have also developed an affiliate program so we can give back to people who support us or like to work with us. The registering is free and it is not needed that somebody has to be a customer from

More about

Switzerland. Home of the Alps and one of the highest quality of life ratings on the planet. Switzerland is known as one of the favorite countries to live in, and for not sacrificing on quality.

Swiss clocks and watches, Swiss chocolate, Swiss knives. The Swiss are known for their attention to detail, and in a day and age when it seems like it's becoming more common to receive inferior products for big ticket prices, Swiss origin products provide a fresh breath of air.
And now, you don't have to travel to Switzerland to experience the quality.
Introducing SwissMade.Direct--your source to order hundreds of Swissmade products right from the comfort of your own home.

There is no limit to the type of Swiss product you can find. Food and drinks, beauty products, clothing, tools and--not to mention--the famous Swiss clocks and watches, you can buy the quality that Switzerland has to offer, from wherever you are.

So why wait? Get the quality without hopping on any planes or trains. Shop for quality product that you can't find at home--from the comfort of your home. Go to SwissMade.Direct today,

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Have You Heard About Chapell?

“One of the best things about living in New Jersey: I can go to New York whenever I please. As a music lover, that is especially great when it comes to seeing great shows. One such show that has me excited is Chapell on October 26.”
Read the rest here.  

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Advice for Freelancers

I started freelancing in high school. Here I give some advice for other freelancers: ““Keep organized lists for everything and prioritize: a list for tasks that need to be completed right now, another with tasks that can be performed later, reminders, client lists, etc.” Read the rest of the article on Upwork.

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George Carlin once asked why the alphabet is in that order and whether it was because of the song. I find that to be a good question.

Now, I have found a really great website that I highly recommend:

"An author, blogger, educationist of the freedom lifestyle. Using your inert abilities to create whatever lifestyle you choose. I have a published ebook book on amazon and a free one which shares 3 main ideas on how to use your mind as the creative instrument for a life of freedom and abundance. We all have a mind but fail to understand or even know how to use it. They teach people how to use and development their mind into weapons of mass creation."

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I still remember my first facial fondly. I was thirteen and went to my favorite spa. They gave me a special teen facial, because teenage skin is more oily. That was just the beginning. I am not something of a facial product addict. Sometimes I feel a bit like Patrick Bateman with my morning moisturizing and cleansing routine, but I can't help it. They got me at a young age! 

My favorite new natural skincare products (that I just cannot get enough of) come from 3rific

According to their website: 
“3RIFIC is brand new natural skincare from Singapore and manufacturing in Japan. We interpret and recreate new generation of skincare inspired by our journey experience through the globe. The reminiscent of every nature's face from our journey is transcend to our brand DNA for Purity, Simplicity and Efficacy.

They also currently have an Indiegogo campaign going on, so check that out too.

More info on the company:
Pure natural, nature-derived and organic ingredients
Rich heritage ingredients inspired by travel
Developed and Produced in Japan with a Japanese expert team with over 25 years of experience
Produced in a small batch to maximize product freshness
Actives stay at their peak to maximize efficacy”

Made In Japan

Optimized Efficacy and Freshness

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Vintage Fans, this one's for you!

You probably know I am an antique/vintage/retro lover...I mean, half the shops I feature on Coastal NJ Small Business have an element of nostalgia to them.
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And if you need more proof...

My favorite car ever (I still miss Maddie the Beatle every day)

And my favorite hippie glasses

And THAT is why I am so excited to have discovered Pretty Poppies Vintage on Etsy. Amy is really cool. She was born and raised a picker and has such great stuff on her site, from vintage phones to vintage books to glassware. It's amazing how much awesome stuff is in there.

My birthday is in two weeks, and I think I know where I will be getting a present for myself from. ;)

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