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You need a great place to listen to German radio online and check out videos? Top Afric is the place. And if you're into music videos and music news around the news, check out Top Afric Music. They recently did a story on my friend, Chapel! Stay up to date on music and entertainment around the world with these awesome sites!

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I Am Freedom Workshop

You all know how much I love online businesses...well check out this workshop on how to get started in internet marketing! Free Live Business Event: I Am Freedom Workshop

"The IM Freedom Workshop is a 2-hour event that teaches you how to get started in the business of internet marketing. This event is for anyone new to internet marketing & anyone who looking for a substantial side income or for anyone who wants to increase sales by digital marketing. 

At the workshop, you will find out the revolutionary system Matt Lloyd developed, that’s paid out more than $6 million in commissions. No hype, no fluff- when you leave you will have all you need to go home & start making a full-time income working one or two hours a day online, even if you have no computer skills.
Would you like an internet Millionaire to show you how to create a Full-Time income in your spare time… for FREE?"

Monmouth Magazine

Check out who’s featured in the latest issue of Monmouth Magazine. 


Read the full article here.

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My Favorite Movie for Every Year Since I was Born

Alright, Challenge accepted…My Favorite Movie for Every Year Since I was Born.

This was extraordinarily difficult and some of my favorite movies, came out before I was born, so it was a little heartbreaking not to include my favorites like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “A Clockwork Orange,” or Big, but I made it through.

1993: Mrs. Doubtfire
1994: Forrest Gump
1995: Toy Story
1996: The Craft
1997: Good Burger
1998: American History X
1999: Fight Club
2000: Little Nicky
2001: Legally Blonde
2002: Spider-Man
2003: School of Rock
2004: Mean Girls
2005: The 40-Year-Old Virgin
2006: Little Miss Sunshine
2007: Music and Lyrics
2008: The Dark Knight
2009: Saw VI
2010: Kick-Ass
2011: Paul
2012: Silver Linings Playbook
2013: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
2014: Gone Girl
2015: Sisters

2016: Deadpool

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Beautiful Scents

I LOVE when the room smells nice. There's just something about walking into my office and smelling my favorite cinnamon and vanilla scents.

That's why I'm so excited  I found these awesome glade Air Wick plug refills at Scent Fill. Now my office, room, and family room smell AMAZING all day, every day!

Are You Friends for the Wrong Reasons?


There are a number of reasons to be friends with someone. Friends are great companions for sharing experiences and conversations with. But sometimes a “friend” can cross the line from being an actual “friend” to a “friend?”

Being a friend to someone for the wrong reasons can be devastating to both you and that person, so it is a good idea to evaluate whether you are friends for the right reasons. If any of the following apply to you and your friend, ask yourself if a friendship is something you really want to pursue with this person or if it would be healthier to just cut ties.

  • You are afraid to be alone.

    • Sometimes, you will keep a friend just to spare yourself from having to go places or do things alone. Being autonomous can sometimes be viewed negatively in our society. Take for example the stigma against going to a restaurant or movies by yourself with the old “aww, he or she must be so lonely to be going by themselves.” People can often think that it is better to pal around with someone you are not particularly fond of rather than to do something by yourself. And it is this very taboo that can make someone more prone to hanging out with someone for the wrong reasons rather than by themselves.
    • Joy Harden Bradford, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, said on this topic, “Many times we keep friendships that are no longer servings us well for fear of being alone or being seen as someone who is not worthy.”alne.jpg
  • They’ve been in our lives for so long anyway…

    • Lifelong friends can be tough. Friendship “breakups” are normally tougher than romantic breakups, which is why they are not typically done as much. Sometimes, we just keep seeing a friend because we don’t know any other way. See, friends very often grow apart. They become different people with different lifestyles and little in common. And that can be okay…until that friend (or even you) becomes toxic. While it is our responsibility as adults to evolve and grow, we must ask ourselves if our friend is part of this process.
    • “There are also times when we keep friends simply because they’ve been in our lives for a long time. If you are continuing in a friendship where the other person doesn’t celebrate your successes, is always critical, and rarely available to offer support or listen, it’s time to re evaluate why”, Joy Harden Bradford, Ph.D. added.


  • You are afraid to make/meet new friends

    • All too often we get stuck in a friend comfort zone. Finding new friends takes effort, so out of habit we pal around with our old friends because we are fearful to put ourselves out there.
    • “Many people get stuck in friendships due to having fears of meeting new people. It’s scary to put yourself out there and be vulnerable – many of us don’t particularly like to do it. Someone could change that by joining a group/organization and attending social activities. Or joining a hiking club or tennis club. Get involved and you’ll meet new people in a casual/relaxed setting.” Nicole Zangara
  • You want something from your friend or vice versa.

    • Maybe you don’t actually like your friend, but you like what they have. For example, who knows someone who as a child befriended someone just because they had the coolest toys or a pool in their yard? The same sometimes happens to adults. Maybe your friend has a nice house that you enjoy visiting or they have a cool job that allows you VIP access to concerts. Whatever the case, if you don’t actually like that person, just what they give you or what they have, you are not a “real friend.” It is never ‘cool’ to take advantage of someone.
    • Maybe you’re the one with the awesome stuff that your friend wants, and if that’s the case, it’s time to stand up for yourself. No one deserves to get taken advantage of.
  • You want your friend’s status or they want yours.

    • Similar to the previous slide, in this case, you are only friends with this person, because they have a high status. Maybe you want to impress people by being friends with that person or to make yourself feel better by hanging out with them. Either way, it’s not a healthy reason to have a friendship with someone. You often hear celebrities complain about this, that they never know which friends are true, because everyone wants to be friends with a ‘celeb.’ Same goes for the non-celebs you may know.
    • If someone is only hanging out with you because you are ‘popular’ but does not seem to care about you as a human being, it is best to dump them.
      • “You may admire your friend’s possessions, or their status, but if you don’t admire them as a person you are friends for the wrong reasons” Dr. Helen Odessky is a Chicago based Clinical Psychologist and the author of Stop Anxiety From Stopping You.


  • You’re in it for the numbers

    • Keeping within the same theme of being conscientious of how you look to others and materialism, maybe you want to up your own status by looking popular and having more friends, so you just keep this friend around to make yourself look more popular. But sometimes it’s better to have four quarters than a hundred pennies.
    • “These days with social media taking over and having hundreds of ‘friends’ has greatly diluted what friendship is really about. I consider that less then 5% of my Facebook ‘friends’ are genuinely my real friends, people I love and actually speak with and see on a regular basis.” Meredith Strauss LCSW, MSW, RYT Light Street Psychotherapy at
  • You use your friend as a punching bag.

    • This one is tough, because you may not even know you are doing it. You don’t listen to your friend; you just unload all that is on your mind to them and expect them to be there for you and your problems without ever returning the sentiment.
    • Or maybe you are the punching bag. Do you ever feel like your friend just unloads all of his or her problems on you? And then when it’s your turn to talk, they fall silent? You might as well be a brick wall. A friendship is about giving and taking, and if your friend does all the talking and never listens, that is a huge red flag.

“A friendship should never be a one-way street.”

  • Your friend is your DUFF.

    • Who saw that movie with Mae Whitman in 2015? DUFFs are sadly very real. This is your friend who makes you feel better about yourself, because you can compare yourself to him or her and feel superior. You may boss this person around and use them for an ego boost. But this is just “not cool” and not what friendship is about.
    • It is like the status point in reverse. Because your friend does not have the same status as you, you feel that you are better than them and can use them for an ego boost.


  • Spending time with them feels like a chore or an obligation.

    • If you are feeling like you’d rather be anywhere than with your friend, that is a sign you should move on. There must be an underlying reason as to why this friendship is going south, and the feeling is most likely mutual.
    • “Spending time together shouldn’t feel like a job, where you have to clock in a certain amount of hours to justify what you get from them. You should recognize this feeling. It will be a huge contrast compared to how you feel about your other true friendships. Ask yourself if what you “get” from the friendship is worth you not being genuine? Most people realize it isn’t and decide to slowly distance themselves from the relationship. This is best for everyone because being used is no fun either.” Dion Metzger, M.D.

Erica B. McCurdy, MCC, outlined these eight questions to ask yourself to find if your friend is really a friend. Keep this list handy when deciding whether or not it is time to cut ties.

  • 1: Would I feel safe sharing my problems with them?
  • 2: Do I trust them to keep my issues private?
  • 3: Do I use them/or they use me for their status, money or access?
  • 4: Would I stop what I am doing/or would they stop to help me if I/they needed help?
  • 5: Do I feel good after I spend time with them?
  • 6: Do I feel compelled to gossip/share publicly about my time with them?
  • 7: Does my friendship feel like a 1-way street?
  • 8: Does one of us work way harder than the other to have this friendship?

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The ABCs of Female Pop Stars Acapella Medley

The ABCs of Female Pop Stars Acapella Medley In honor of Women's Month, I created an acapella medley video of my favorite songs by female pop singers A-Z. This is the ABCs of Female Pop Stars! The ABCs of Female Pop stars Adele- There’s a fire Beyonce -IF I were a boy Christina Aguilera — hurt Demi Lovato- La La Land Ellie Goulding - Burn Fiona Apple - Criminal Gwen Stefani - If I were a Rich Girl Hilary Duff - Let the Rain Ingrid Michaelson - I just be OK Jojo - Come w/ me stay the night Kelly Clarkson - Since U been gone Lady Gaga- Paparazzi Madonna- Material Girl Norah Jones- Don’t Know Why Orianthi -According to You Pink - Sober Queen Latifa - when you’re good to mama Rihanna - SOS Susan Tudechi- It hurt so bad Tina Turner - Left a good job in the city Uffie- Me and He are criuse on a mission Vitamin C - As we go on we remember Whitney Houston - And I will always love you X- Charlie XCX - OK this doesn’t technically start with an X but…I don’t care Yael Naim - New Born ZZ Ward - Move like you stole it

The ABCs of Female Pop Stars Acapella Medley

In honor of Women’s Month, Morissa created an acapella medley video of favorite songs by female pop singers A-Z. This is the ABCs of Female Pop Stars!

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Asala Naturals Unboxing and Demo Video

Asala Naturals Unboxing and Demo Video I was so excited to get the mail today and see my goodies from Asala Naturals! Check out what I got, and then get some for yourself at PS sign up for their email list and get an extra 10% off!
I was so excited to get the mail today and see my goodies from Asala Naturals! Check out what I got (mud masks, essential oil, and more!), and then get some for yourself at 
Asala Naturals. PS sign up for their email list and get an extra 10% off!

More info on Asala Naturals:
Asala Naturals’ formulas combine the best of traditional, natural, and scientific knowledge with organic, sustainable and responsibly sourced practices to bring the highest quality skincare products to the U.S. Our premium and luxury products will nurture your skin, elevate it’s natural beauty and enhance it's ability to repair and rejuvenate itself.

Asala’s suppliers directly grow, source, and bottle all the botanical ingredients, such as our Eco-Cert organic Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Oils, Rose Water, Essential Oils, and mineral clays to bring you the purest and most potent anti-aging solutions available.

Each product is naturally formulated without the use of chemical preservatives, parabens, silicones, coloring agents, or synthetic fragrances, and is never tested on animals

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Cats! Cats! Cats!

I love cats. I would have a good 500 of them if I weren't allergic. As a child, I had Jeffrey and Jay Jay, my beloved calicos, but as my allergies got worse, I could no longer have cat siblings. :( I have been searching for hypoallergenic cats lately and hope to befriend/adopt one in the near future. Because, seriously, cats are just the best.

I didn't realize how much I was even going on about this until last week when my dad brought me home two stuffed cats in an attempt to curb my cat fever. But it didn't work. They're just too cute!

That's why I'm glad I found Cute-Cat-Jewelry. They have the cutest super cute cat jewelry at great prices...Always free shipping Worldwide and 100% money back guarantee. Store categories include cat necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, gifts under $9, glow-in-the-dark (my faves), unique items, and tribute (in memoriam). Many items at 30 to 60% off. 

Sooo, now you know where I am shopping :O

How does the publishing process go?

One of GenZ’s most awesome interns, Kelly, asked me a great question today: “How does the publishing process go?”

For anyone else curious about how all this works, here is my answer to her…

As for the rest of the publishing process…this is how it goes: The author send us a query letter with the synopsis of the book and a few sample chapters. I usually read it and determine if I would like to read the rest. If so, I email the author and ask for the completed manuscript. If not, I email them and say that their manuscript is not right for GenZ right now (always the hardest part.) Once they send me their complete manuscript, I read through it and either send them a congratulations email with a contract or an email saying that their manuscript is not right for GenZ right now (possibly even harder than the last hard part haha). *Perhaps in the future I can send you some queries and you can give me your opinion on who to publish/not publish. I base the decision on their message, writing quality, and how well their book will fit in with GenZ…and sometimes other factors. For example, we already have a vampire book published, so if someone came to me with another vampire book, I probably would not be able to publish it, no matter how good it is.
Then, I will check with the author to make sure that this manuscript is their final version. That is when the editing process begins. Depending on the quality of the grammar, I will sometimes just begin editing myself, or sometimes I will send it to an editor to work on before I go through it. Then, once the grammar and story are in good shape, I send it to someone like you to a) make sure we didn’t miss anything in editing (this is why a book must be edited multiple times) b) beta read and tell us what you think so that we may know what our readers will think. After you go through the book, I send it back to the author. He or she will go through the edits and make necessary changes. Although, I do tell them that many notes are suggestions, and it is up to their discretion what they implement.
Once the author has made their revisions, I go through the book one last time to make sure there is nothing else that we missed. Meanwhile, I ask the author is he or she has any preferences for the cover. Depending upon his or her answer is how the cover is created. If they have a strong idea, I work with it. If not, I come up with an idea for it. I have a few different cover artists (with different styles for different genres). I tell them the cover idea and they work on a draft. We show the author and he or she approves or comes up with changes that they would like in it (usually they need a few changes to match the image in their head.) Once the cover is created and the book is revised, it is time for formatting. I usually do this myself (when you have worked on as many books as I have, it becomes easier to do this yourself rather than to try to explain what needs to be formatted to someone else. Formatting entails table of contents, headings, page numbers, fonts, margins, bleed…all that fun stuff that separates a professional book from a document. However, about 25% of the time, there will be some sort of issue with files (when you have this many people going through a doc, you are bound to run into some issues), so then I hire someone to help format. Once they are finished formatting, it is time to make the proof.
I input all necessary information online for the book and check out the virtual proof. If the virtual proof looks good, I get the author’s address and mail out a physical copy to him or her. Usually the author will find a minor issue or two, so I go back to their doc, make the necessary changes, and reupload the proof. Then, I schedule the book for pre-order, post the link on our website and social media, and email the author to tell him or her that they can now get copies for signings and readings (which I often help them book). We usually have the book on pre-order for a month or two, depending on our schedule. During that time, I usually either write or ask an intern like yourself to write a press release about the book that we can use to promote the book on social media, in ads, on our website, etc. Sometimes we also make promotional videos, pictures, and more. Then, release day comes, and everyone is so excited. We continue to promote that book, along with all our other books, throughout the year. And that is how a book becomes a book, Kelly. 🙂
-Morissa Schwartz

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Air of America

I have been to about eight states: New Jersey (obviously), New York, Pennsylvania, California, Florida, Delaware, Washington, Virginia. I would like to make it a goal to visit at least half. Hawaii and Tennessee are total must sees. Any other suggestions?

What got me thinking about travel was Air of America, a company that bottles up air from American states. How cool is that?

"How about the very fresh and crisp air of the season they breathed during their stay? Air of America was thus born out of this simple idea, to compress air from twelve different states in a 8.4 oz standard aluminum can decorated with colorful American motifs. The only one of its kind air can is a ‘sip of freedom’ that can be kept in the office, at home or gifted to family and friends."

Special GenZ Podcast Episode: Morissa Schwartz Speaks at the Women In Writing Entrepreneur Event

The GenZ Podcast hit the road this episode. Here is Morissa Schwartz Speaking at the Women In Writing Entrepreneur Event…


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Patch Feature

Morissa is in the news for her work as an entrepreneur! Read “How a College Graduate Became a Successful Entrepreneur” now!


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I've been doing a bit more non-notebook stuff lately, but today I have some news...I got a new purple notebook because my pink and green ones were filled to the max! So the new title of this blog should be My Neon Green, Purple, and Pink Notebooks. Catchy huh?

Now I would like to know what you think of this blog. It's been around a few years now, and your feedback can improve it!

Speaking of reviews... is a really cool review site. Their algorithm collects all the expert and consumer reviews from the web and based on several factors creates the top 10 list of best products available in the market in various categories. Their research is unbiased and we help consumers escape the frustration during the buying process and make the right decision by saving time and money. Pretty cool, huh?

Check them out at

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GenZ Video

GenZ Video We asked real GenZ Readers and Writers why they read, write, love GenZ, and for advice! Credits: Featured Authors: Adrian DeBarros, Author of “A Poet and his Errant Pen”: Chad T. Nelson, Author of “The Black Water Phenomenon” COMING SOON Dan Flore III, Author of "Lapping Water" E.A. Stripling, Author of “Internal Conflict”: Cameron Grace, Author GenZ Founder: Morissa Schwartz, Reader and Writer Appearances: Umme Rabab- Instagram: Arlenis Jonaydis- Instagram: Music: “All Right Yeah” by GenZ Author Dylan James Brock “Ride in my Mind,” “Read (Creep)” and “GenZ Jingle” by Morissa Schwartz: Edited by: Morissa Schwartz: All B-Roll Footage/Photos are provided by are released under Creative Commons CC0 into the public domain (from Pixbay)

Friday, March 3, 2017

Looking for a cool new read this weekend?

Might I suggest a new scifi novel, Chaos (un)Controlled 

What it's about...
Rixa Storms flees to a library-in-the-sky world to escape her mother’s religious, controlling nature, but finds a murky truth below the polished surface of what seems like a paradise. To emerge victorious, she’ll need to overcome her upbringing’s resulting emotional suppression to better control her power, or risk being consumed by her newfound abilities.

Get it here: Chaos (un)Controlled 

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Turn Your Book Idea into a Book

Turn Your Book Idea into a Book Do you have an idea for a book? Do you lack time to write it? Then let the professionals at write it for you. Go to, fill out our questionnaire now, and be on your way to being an author without the major time commitment.

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Brad Green on the GenZ Podcast

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