Monday, April 30, 2018


Memories should not be in the corner of your mind, but available in videos made by Ms. Rose’s blending studio at showcasing both your favorite songs and favorite photos blended for all to see at any given moment. Don’t let memories get buried without marking them into family milestones. 

And, Instead of texting with words, send a video with your favorite photos and songs to your loved ones. Give them FACEBOOK time too. Ms. Rose blends any song, old, new, for children, lovers, teenagers and all. Ms Rose’s “VIDEO LOVE MESSAGES,” say it all and for many occasions can replace just sending a text as noted in this sample video. Check it out.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

LastMinute Men

LastMinute Men is all about what men needs for grooming, beard care, fashion and gadgets. Look good while playing hard.

Check them out!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Hurricane Playing Cards

Hurricane Cards are the first windproof AND waterproof playing cards. They won't blow away in the wind or get ruined by liquids. Perfect for poolside play, at the beach, park or even on your boat without worry of them blowing away or getting wet. They can be washed, they float, and cost less than $20!

What you get:
 54 Cards - Ace through King of all 4 suits, 2 Hurricane Jokers
 Plastic Case
 AND a Hurricane Cards coozie! (while supplies last)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Timeless Travellers

For the backpackers and frequent travellers looking for exotic places to visit, Timeless Travellers proves a good resource to plan your next visit. Through our Instagram channel, we provide information on must visit places all over the world.

The incredible photos and videos we post everyday serve to give you all the inspiration you need to plan for your next travel. Understanding the backpacking community and their need to create the best experience within a short time through the countries they visit, we give you ideas on places you can visit in any country in the world.
Our channel is dedicated towards inspiring travel throughout the world. The time lapse videos we post on our channel tell of some of the hidden treasures in the world in terms of scenery and best experience.

To be part of our travellers’ community, follow us on Instagram @Timeless_Travellers. Here is a direct link

James Leslie

James Leslie is a photographer, artist, and business owner, who happens to have autism. James is the sole artist and owner of Autistic Eye Art. His works include prints, paintings, and other media, which express and relate his view of reality through the eyes of an adult with autism. 

Autistic Eye Art was established in 2013 by James to fulfill a vision of independence and self-sustainability through his talents and unique style.

James’ style shifts from soothing photographic landscapes (example: to exact, and often jagged, digital renderings of his surroundings (example: 

From winter’s footprints, to footprints in the sandy beaches of Indiana’s shoreline, we invite you to revisit the world through an autistic eye…

Check out the brand new short video about James and Autistic Eye Art:

Please visit for more information. 

Autistic Eye Art can also be found on Facebook at, or on Twitter at 

Autistic Eye Art’s artwork and products have been sold/featured at:

Griffith Central Market, Griffith IN
Grindhouse Cafe, Griffith IN
Highland Indoor Market, Highland IN
Rockopelli, Highland IN
SNAP, Griffith IN
Ben Mollin Hair Education, Griffith IN
Golf for Autism, Schererville IN
Color Codes, Des Moines IA
Angel Hair Cafe, Griffith IN 
Highland Craft Fair, Highland IN
Walk for Autism Speaks, Chicago IL
Country-A-Fair, Schererville IN
Northern Indiana Autism Expo, South Bend, IN

Monday, April 23, 2018

Think on Tees

Think on Tees offers fresh and inspirational approach to spiritual information.
Radical and thought-provoking t shirt images and words for an evolved generation of forward thinkers. Bold, fearless in our pursuit of self-discovery

Friday, April 20, 2018

2018 Human Relations Indie Book Awards

Great opportunity here...

2018 Human Relations Indie Book Awards
Deadline June 30th, 2018. 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Jewels and Accessories from Forever Nines

Fashion describes your personality and character. It says a lot out you and is the first thing people notice when they meet you. With different styles and fashion designs coming up, it can be a task and expensive staying up to date.

However, a piece of jewelry or accessory does magic to your outfit improving its overall appeal. If you are looking for stylish sunglasses, designer watches or polished jewelry, Forever Nines is the place to buy from.
The store has a variety of pieces to choose from for both men and women. Its delivery service includes free ground shipping all over the world something you will probably not get anywhere else. Each piece is unique and of high quality ensuring satisfaction and durability.
For as low as $59, you can get yourself a fancy piece of jewelry. This will be delivered to you within 12-20 business days. I ordered myself a pair of sunglasses and my package was delivered in less than two weeks of purchase. I’m amazed at the quality and design. Every aspect of it is just as presented in the online shop.
Forever Nines gives you the convenience to buy from anywhere in the world. They have several payment gateways giving you options to choose the most convenient payment gateway for you. I will recommend anyone looking for affordable yet classy sunglasses, watches and jewelry for both men and women to check out Forever Nines today.

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