Wednesday, April 25, 2018

James Leslie

James Leslie is a photographer, artist, and business owner, who happens to have autism. James is the sole artist and owner of Autistic Eye Art. His works include prints, paintings, and other media, which express and relate his view of reality through the eyes of an adult with autism. 

Autistic Eye Art was established in 2013 by James to fulfill a vision of independence and self-sustainability through his talents and unique style.

James’ style shifts from soothing photographic landscapes (example: to exact, and often jagged, digital renderings of his surroundings (example: 

From winter’s footprints, to footprints in the sandy beaches of Indiana’s shoreline, we invite you to revisit the world through an autistic eye…

Check out the brand new short video about James and Autistic Eye Art:

Please visit for more information. 

Autistic Eye Art can also be found on Facebook at, or on Twitter at 

Autistic Eye Art’s artwork and products have been sold/featured at:

Griffith Central Market, Griffith IN
Grindhouse Cafe, Griffith IN
Highland Indoor Market, Highland IN
Rockopelli, Highland IN
SNAP, Griffith IN
Ben Mollin Hair Education, Griffith IN
Golf for Autism, Schererville IN
Color Codes, Des Moines IA
Angel Hair Cafe, Griffith IN 
Highland Craft Fair, Highland IN
Walk for Autism Speaks, Chicago IL
Country-A-Fair, Schererville IN
Northern Indiana Autism Expo, South Bend, IN

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