Saturday, September 29, 2018

ThumpCase Speakers

Good speakers are the difference between hurting eardrums and your body grooving to the beat of your favorite jams. Good speakers provide the best sound quality allowing you to enjoy your music. However, they are hard to find or maybe too bulky to carry around.

ThumpCase provides a solution to music lovers on the go. If you would like to listen to your music while driving, taking a walk or simply bumming on your porch, ThumpCase speakers bring the boom you need to get you on your feet and dancing along.

With the premium Bluetooth speakers, you do not need to carry connecting cables or worry about
connecting your speakers to your music player before you can listen to your music. From your phone,
iPod or tablet, you can connect to your speakers via Bluetooth and be entertained with your playlist.

ThumpCase Bluetooth speakers come in varying shapes and sizes all portable. The idea is to have you turn up the volume from virtually anywhere and enjoy great music. With funky speakers’ designs and colors, you can have the speakers that emulate your personality and compliment your style.

How cool would it be for you to be seen taking a stroll with your green or yellow vintage design speakers vibrating to some great tunes? Not only will you attract attention, but also a following from people who would rather be listening to some music too.

If you are wondering how to enjoy your music while on the move, ThumpCase has the answer for you. Check out their store and select your ideal speakers from the variety available.

You can also stay connected with ThumpCase and get news and updates through their social media
pages: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

More information is available on their website at

Earn $1,000 - $8,000+ per Week!!!

Earn $1,000 - $8,000+ per Week!!!

$50M Corporation, headquartered in California is expanding nationally and internationally with a Clinically Tested and Proven All-Natural PURE CBD Hemp Oil - best on the market. SALES ARE THROUGH THE ROOF and our established reps are earning upwards of $4K - $30K per month.
CBD Hemp Oil is the HOTTEST THING TO HIT THE MARKETPLACE IN 50 YEARS! This product is going ABSOLUTELY CRAZY and can make you a small fortune - right from home.

This Is Ground Floor...These Products Only Came Out in January!


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Carz.Ninja Community

Are you a huge car fan, wanting to expand your car knowledge or browse entirely car-relatedcontent? Look no further than Carz Ninja, a platform developed using cutting edge technology, to
bring exclusive and high-quality car-related content to car enthusiasts.

If this sounds up your street, click the link below to sign up for full access and to become
part of the Carz.Ninja community today.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

SevenEpicGirls: A Family-Friendly Channel

SevenEpicGirls is a Family-Friendly channel focused on posting Funny skits every day! With one girl posting a video (based on a given theme) every day, we have a large number of videos for people of all ages to binge watch! From CrAzY Characters to the occasional DIY video and vlog we have all the videos you want and need! And we're providing them Every Day! SevenEpicGirls is best for the younger children, all of our videos are kid-Friendly -- So be sure to subscribe!

Channel Link
Promo Video
Example Video.

Original Painting & Huge Canvas Prints

Discover the Art Difference with Original Painting & Huge Canvas Prints

IrenaOrlov Art brings you original paintings and huge canvas art prints to make statement pieces in your home, office or business!

Oriflame Mascara

People always ask about what mascara my friends mainly use...its a bit of a serious secret to be honest, but here it goes: this can totally transform your lashes if applied correctly and comes in a sweet 8ml bottle. It's also out for a reduced price, don't make me buy them all, Oriflame create some awesome products for extremely good prices, as they buy stock in large quantities.

Go and have a look!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

From Whispers to Roars

For our third and final publication of the year, From Whispers to Roars presents... The Climax: An Arts and Literary Contest.

Submit your work in of the 4 categories: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art/photography. A winner will be selected in each category and will receive $100, publication in Issue 3, and their work will be posted permanently on our website. Other excellent works will be chosen for publication alongside the winners, which will also appear in Issue 3.


The Emergency Workout Plan

Are you interested in learning how to burn the Fat and feed your muscles? Read "The Emergency Workout Plan", the perfect book that will teach you how to lose fat and build muscle all from the comfort of your home.

This book will be your first step in uncovering the hidden potential in bodyweight training.

Author Nickolas McKeever addresses the multiple aspects that can be applied to continually make traditional bodyweight training last you a lifetime.

The Emergency Workout provides readers with set routines, progressions, and variables that can be changed to fit any situation.

Be it for the soccer moms who want to stay active enough to play with their kids, to the athlete looking to take their strength to the next level. This book has it.

Embark on your journey to ultimate physical freedom and unlock the true potential of your body.

All with just 3 simple moves.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Future is Great With Tesla

There are good inventions and there are great inventions. With the world gravitating towards green energy, Tesla has set itself apart by manufacturing solar panels and investing in the manufacture of
electric vehicles.

Cars provide convenience and are the core of transportation for everyone around the world. Whether you are moving around in a personal or public car, you’ve got to think about the impact you are exerting on the environment.

With Tesla, you can be part of the green energy movement. With three electric car models to choose from; Model S, Model X, and Model 3, drive responsibly by simply placing your order today. Get FREE supercharging when ordering your Tesla with this link.

Monday, September 10, 2018

The Felt Letter Board

A letter board is a perfect signage for changing notices. It allows you to rearrange your letters to communicate with ease. The perfect letter board should have numerous characters including symbols, numbers, and emojis. It should be visible, and with a background that instantly captures your audience.

The Felt Letter Board is 10x10 in size with an oak wood frame. It contains 346 letters and includes numbers, emojis and all symbols necessary for communication.

This is how it works -

It comes with a letterbox organizer at a limited offer of just $2 USD. Check out its Amazon listing at

I will be ordering it from at $2 USD while the flash sale is still on.

An Interview with the Official Spirit Led Ministries Founder

Q. What is a healthy relationship?

A. One that is conducive to growth, where there are mutual respect and a common goals.

Q. What makes a good marriage?

A. When the atmosphere of the relationship has mutual respect, growth, love, concern for the other, where you can help each other meet goals. There is a mutual understanding that there will be good times and tough times, that you support each other through the sicknesses. When you are committed to the relationship and each other physically, understanding that you are in a covenant relationship with this person and God.

Q. What are the signs of a relationship in trouble?

A. When one or both people are disengaged in the care of the relationship, meaning they are no longer desiring to deal with issues in the marriage or grow in the marriage.

When everything results in an argument which is a sign that you are not listening and receiving what each other is saying.

When you are desiring to share issues about your marriage with someone of the opposite sex, spending quality time with this person and sharing personal thoughts that you feel that you cannot share with your spouse.

Q. How do we know if we need marriage help?

A. You know that you need help when you have tried to work through your issues together, but no change or resolve has developed from your efforts.

Q. What are things people can do to improve their marriage relationships right now?

A. We must be able to come together and have a relationship checkup just as you go to the doctor and get regular checkups for your physical health.

Toshia and I have regular meetings to discuss concerns, plans, goals, finances and family matters. Also, it is important to have a regular schedule date night to maintain and grow intimacy in the relationship.

Your spiritual foundation should be strong meaning that you are able to discuss the word of God and worship together.

Q. How you got into this field?

A. After experiencing turmoil in the first six years of our marriage, we received healing, restoration and a new vision for our marriage and family. We would often share our testimony as we felt led, but in March of 2017, the Lord gave us a mandate to officially help other couples. We began to realize that God had started preparing us years ago through our education and person experience.

Q. What is the mission of Spirit Led Ministries and how do you help couples save their relationships?

A. The mission of Spirit Led Ministries is to help men, women, and couples understand, embrace and implement God’s truths in their marriage and relationships.

We help couples to understand that they must renew their mind from the superficial values and customs of the world. We help them to embrace what God has said about marriage and relationships in the word of God focusing on godly values and ethical attitudes. We help them to identify where the transformation is needed to be implemented in their marriage and relationships so that they can live out God’s plan and purpose for themselves.

Q. Where can people find you?

A. You can find us at

On the website, you can join our mailing list, request a free consultation, request us for speaking engagements and purchase our book “Spirit Led Marriage, Our Journey”.

Facebook: officialspiritledministries page.
Instagram: officialspiritledministries
Twitter: @LedMinistries (officialSpiritledMinistires)

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Wavy; New Artist, Great Music

What differentiates good music from great music is being able to immerse yourself in the artist’s world. Wavy is a new artist on the block on a roll with 10 released songs so far. His songs are just epic. The introduction captures your soul and you can fell the artist vibe through his voice. He instantly sparks interest with his song titles; I mean who wouldn’t want to listen to a song titled Ghost, Some Type of Interlude or Do you believe in Anxiety?

To listen to these and more great jams, find him on YouTube, Spotify, Linktr and Google Play.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Coins Collector Online

Coin and currency collecting as a hobby goes back hundreds of years. It was mainly a hobby of kings or other very rich people who could afford. By the 1900's, however, numismatics was becoming a hobby of the common man.

Are you interested in numismatics or bonistics? For someone, this is a hobby, for someone - a profession, and for someone - the whole meaning of life. Anyway, this is a very interesting activity.

Coins Collector Online offers to visit their site which contains links to Android applications on collections of coins and banknotes from around the world, from ancient times to modern banknotes and coins.

These applications will help the coin collector or just an interested person in the search for coins and banknotes, their classification and description.

With a more detailed examination of the coin or banknote, you will see its obverse and reverse, as well as information from the preview, supplemented by special data - alloy, weight, circulation, diameter, year of issue. The presence of certain characteristics of different coins can vary.

The usefulness of the application is simply huge, so all those who are not indifferent to numismatics and collecting banknotes are advised to visit and download the android application.

Coins Collector Online is constantly working on improving the product and soon you will receive an iOS version of the applications for all countries.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Let’s get Shopping for under $20

Get shopping for under $20 at Guys & Chic. Buy fabulous jewelry pieces, fragrance, scented body oils, beauty products accessories and handbags to complement your wardrobe. We believe in looking and feeling good from within, hence have made our items affordable for all.

Our catalog is rich with unique collections for that glamorous, classy or sassy look. Ladies get ‘dolled-up” gentlemen, let’s dress and accessorize like kings.

Visit our website to place your orders. This is the only place where $20 does count!

Hire the best Private Investigator in the United States and Japan

Eugene François was a French soldier who founded the first private investigation agency in 1833. Since then, private investigators have been instrumental in solving criminal related activities. Commonly referred to as detectives they mostly work for attorneys in solving criminal and civil cases.

Private investigators are recognized by law but do have certain limitations when it comes to access to information. However, their technics revolve around the ability to pass as normal citizens and can infiltrate organizations, groups to get information hired for.

Advantages of hiring a private investigator

1. They will dedicate more time to your case – While the police department plays an important role in the investigation and solving of criminal cases, their resources are spread out over the number of cases they are handling at a go. A private investigator will be able to focus on one case at a time, achieving considerable milestone within a short time as compared to the police.

2. Private investigators handle different cases – The police department majorly focuses on criminal activities and less on civic cases. When legal dispute brews between two parties, mostly corporates, other law enforcers are tasked with the investigation. The parties involved hire private investigators to get to the root of the dispute ensuring no foul play.

3. Can be hired by individuals – When you try to use public resources such as the police to help find some information for you, it can be hard as they are there to serve the public and have more pressing cases than yours. In this case, a private investigator is the best option.

Services offered by private investigators:

  • Background checks
  • License plate checks 
  • Missing person investigation
  • Telephone number investigations
  • Corporate investigations and much more
Yamino Tantei is a top private investigator servicing the United States and Japan. He has years of experience in the industry and has mastered the art of illusion as his investigative strategy. Check out the video below to learn more about Yamino's PI services.

Change Your Lifestyle For Free

How awesome would it be to wake one day and be able to afford the lifestyle you have always dreamed off? Think about buying what you want, going for exquisite gateways, being able to afford to quit your non-fulfilling job and just enjoy life stress-free.

You have probably come across such empty-promises from other companies and are about to classify this as a scam or a pyramid scheme. Well, we have been tried and tested in over 49 countries worldwide and our system has been proven to work as we have testimonials to show.

The TCP lifestyles system works differently and is similar to none in the market.

1. 5-star marketing and tool system – With a five-star rating and high conversion rates, members are making huge amounts of money, improving their incomes and sustaining their livelihoods. Let’s face it, who passes an opportunity to generate more income?

2. Mentorship from top millionaire earners – Unlike other systems where members internally compete to outdo each other, at TCP Lifestyle system, we are all part of a family. The top earners mentor newcomers, holding your hand and guiding you through every step until you succeed. We believe in communal success as it feels better to have company at the top.

3. Not an MLM – TCP Lifestyle System is not a Multi-Level Marketing. We do not need you to recruit to earn nor buy products to sell for profit.

What makes us incredible is that we do not ask you to pay anything to join.  What can you lose by joining a ‘FREE’ lifetime opportunity that could turn around your life for the better? Make $10,000 and more by introducing this amazing opportunity to your friends and networks for FREE. We are available worldwide and pay every Friday.

Resist the scams and join us today for free.

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