Thursday, November 22, 2018

Hip-Hop on the Rocks Game

Are you a hip-hop fan? Do you know what your favorite artists are up to? Can you quote the lyrics of your favorite songs? How about playing a game to gauge how deep your love for hip-hop goes. HHOTR, (hip-hop on the rocks) is an exciting new game available as a mobile application for iPhone and Android users.

The game is centered around hip-hop with exciting challenges based on the legendary hip-hop artists. The goal of the game is to win every challenge and be the first to gather all letters of the word, ‘HIP-HOP’. You can play as individuals or in teams with challenges including questions on lyrics, collaborations, what your artists do and even popular dance styles.

To learn more on the game, visit their website on In the meantime, download the game form play store or app store.

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