Monday, November 14, 2016

Interview with Brian of The Clean Bedroom

I had the pleasure of interviewing Brian, owner of and NYC location.

What inspired these businesses? 
I have lived a healthy lifestyle since I was a kid. I started learning about nutrition in high school to become a better competitor. Mrs. Bucknowski in home economics and Mrs. Reinke, my anatomy teacher had huge influences on how I ate and exercised.

Wow, that’s awesome how you were inspired at such an early age, and by your teachers no less. 

This obsession with a healthy lifestyle carried over into the environment as well. Mrs. Reinke spent a lot of time talking to us about acid rain and industries that were destroying our planet. Mrs. Reinke along with my love for animals, MTV, REM, and a high school crush that introduced me to Green Peace is where it all began.

The obsession with textiles started when I was eight years old. I had to pick out my clothes because my mother would buy me shirts or sweaters that I did not want to wear. I wanted to wear clothing that felt good. At an early age, I began my quest for quality products that looked great and felt great. The desire for quality products carried over into every part of life. Who made the best bat? Which company made the best glove? Who made the best helmet? Who made the best skateboard? Who made the best radio? Who made the best PC? 

Today I obsess over who makes the best sheets. Who makes the best pillow? Who makes the healthiest mattress? Who makes the healthiest pillow? Is linen better than cotton? Is linen greener than cotton?
Well, that is awesome, and I am sure your customers appreciate it. Why is sleeping on an organic mattress important? Not much is more important than a good night’s rest. What is even better is a good night’s rest on a healthy mattress built by a company that is obsessed with organic materials and quality construction. McDonald's makes food that tastes very good, but you should not eat it very often because it is unhealthy. This lesson in dieting transfers to buying that inexpensive mattress made out of petrol chemicals. These cheap beds often feel great and ordering them is super convenient. They are practically disposable at their price point, but like McDonald's, that doesn’t mean you should eat it or sleep on it every night.

What are your most popular products?

We sell a lot of everything. People love latex rubber mattresses wrapped in organic cotton and organic wool. Our customers love wool toppers and wool comforters.Now you are called the clean bedroom…that is one of my weaknesses: I cannot keep my bedroom clean! Any tips?
The secret to keeping a clean bedroom is to keep your stuff out of it whenever possible. I have the luxury of living in a comfortable home so I have extra room and ample closet space. I am also single, so I don’t have 85 Berken bags sitting in the closet taking up space.

Your room should be like a staged house. It should look like a page in an Ethan Allen or Pottery Barn catalog. You want it to be the most relaxing room in your house and your cleanest.  The only way to keep it super clean is to keep stuff out of it.  Put your clothes away. Keep stuff off your night stands. Even if you have to push it all under the bed or shove it in a closet, you want your room to be completely free of clutter.

Most importantly, turn off all electronics! That clock on your cable box is a huge no-no! No computers or monitors left on. If you must charge your phone at night, TURN IT OFF! Not on airplane mode either.  Turn it off. If you need an alarm keep your phone outside of your bedroom. This is better because it will force you out of bed to turn off your alarm. Wow, that is really helpful. I am so guilty of all that…especially the electronics. Anything else to add?Meditate every morning before doing anything else. We all need mental clarity, and very few of us understand the importance of meditation. We eat right. We exercise. We stretch. We sleep. We go to the doctor. We see therapists. We do a lot of things to grow and heal, but very few of these are as effective as meditation. We need to give our headspace some much-needed TLC. Most of us are stressed out and going 200 miles an hour the moment we wake up. Our brains need help. Meditation is Yoga for the mind. And if you need an organic meditation cushion, just give us a call!

Thank you, Brian! That is awesome advice!

Check out and his NYC location.

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